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          Welcome To Breath of Life         

Thanks for visiting Breath of Life.

On the 1st and 15th of each month we will post three Mixtapes (a classic, a contemporary, and a cover) in downloadable MP3 format. Additionally, the jukebox will include the three featured Mixtapes referenced in our write-ups.

The music will stay up for only the two-week period and then be replaced by a new set.

We encourage comments and feedback. Even though the music will be removed, the write-ups will remain available in the archives—so you can see what you missed even though you won’t be able to hear it.

We encourage you to sign up to receive update notices, which will let you know what’s new each time we post. Just provide your email and the rest is automated.

We also welcome any and all feedback whether about how the site looks and/or works, or suggestions for songs to cover in the future.

Our goal is to create an attractive and informative, easy to use and interesting to read, website with quality music. We’re not selling anything. We don’t carry advertising. Our sole agenda is to promote the music we love.

Thanks again for visiting Breath of Life.


Kalamu ya Salaam & Mtume ya Salaam


          User Tips       

The Jukebox includes all of the songs for the period. Click on “Jukebox” and it will open in a separate window. If you just want to listen to the songs in the order of Classic, Contemporary and Cover, click on the audio strip at the bottom of the main frame. The three main selections for the week are also available as a downloadable MP3. PC users can right click (Mac users Apple-control click) on the MP3 name located right below the big album cover.

All items in red are links. The content will open in a new page when you click on the item.

If you ever get confused, click on the word “home” located on the right hand side of the page.

If you want to read an item full frame or would like to print it out, you can right click (PC) or control click (Mac) and select open in new frame (or new page)—the wording is slightly different from browser to browser.

If you want to comment on a specific song, go to the “Leave a Reply” box at the end of the article. Type in your comment and then click the submit comment button. Your post will not appear immediately. BoL is moderated and the editors review all items before posting.

We will try to respond to all requests and comments, and we encourage all feedback including comments about what works and what doesn’t work, what looks good/not so good, how the site works, as well as your comments about the music itself—which is the main issue.

Please let us know if you have any problems or concerns while using Breath of Life.