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This is the fifth in a projected eight-part series of Mixtapes covering Stevie Wonder music. I already have eight Mixtapes finished and enough music for one or two more. We'll see, meanwhile I think this is the best one so far. Three songs, "Superwoman," "If It's Magic," and "Golden Lady"—fourteen takes. Of course there is jazz here, two tracks are instrumentals, but the real news is the quality of the vocal work. In a few cases the interpretations are by relative unknowns, nevertheless every time I listen, I find myself rewinding because of one version or another and the way they flow together. It's no secret that I consider Duke Ellington (both in combo with Billy Strayhorn and by himself) the number one composer of American music with George Gershwin and his various collaborators a respectable second.  But for the last third of the 20th century, it's Stevie Wonder and there is no second, that's how good Stevie is. The variety of approaches is a major part of this Mixtape. Just when you think one person has nailed it, a whole other approach takes away your breath. Of course the quality of the musical compositions helps a lot but still blessings be to the various artists for coming up with unique takes. The only other thing I have to say right now is: ENJOY! —Kalamu ya Salaam   Stevie Covers Mixtape #5 Playlist   "SUPERWOMAN"

01 Friday Night With Carmen McRae - Carmen McRae 02 These Songs For You: Live! - Donny Hathaway 03 Sounds... And Stuff Like That! - Quincy Jones 04 At The Close Of A Century - Stevie Wonder 05 New Horizons - Vanessa Rubin   "IF IT'S MAGIC" 06 Love Warriors - Tuck & Patti 07 Twice On Sunday - Iain MacKenzie 08 Mutual Admiration Society 2 - Joe Locke 09 Natural Wonder (Live) - Stevie Wonder 10 Silver Pony - Cassandra Wilson   "GOLDEN LADY" 11 Steady Groovin' - Soulive 12 Danca Loca - Sao Benitez 13 The Wonder Of Stevie - Jose Felicano 14 Innervisions - Stevie Wonder  

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