FELA KUTI & ROY AYERS / Africa, Centre Of The World

ayers & kuti 01.jpg OK, here’s the deal. When I put the Fela Tribute Mixtape together, I was vacillating on what to feature as the Classic track but then I remembered one of my favorite Fela cuts, the duet with Roy Ayers, “Africa, Centre Of The World.” I knew we had featured the track before and if we featured it again that would mean a repeat. Since we are now into our sixth year (as of June 18th), I hope our BoL audience will grant me a bit of leniency and not be offended if we repeat an earlier post. Go here to read the original post, which gives the 411 background on the song. For many in the United States, this song was our Fela introduction. There are two versions of the selected song in the jukebox (the download only features the Kuti/Ayers duet). I couldn’t resist pairing “Africa, Centre Of The World” with the Fela Tribute Mixtape. ayers & kuti 02.jpg Trivia note: The Roy Ayers version is from a now out of print album titled Africa, Center Of The World, which Roy released after returning from spending time with Fela in Nigeria. ayers & kuti 03.jpg The duet version is from an album that originally was issued with the British spelling, hence “colours” and “centre” rather than the Americanized “colors” and “center.” The album has subsequently been issued as part of a CD two-fer that also contains the album Upside Down. Enjoy. —Kalamu ya Salaam ayers & kuti 04.jpg 01 “Africa, Center Of the World”Evolution: The Polydor Anthology – Roy Ayers ayers & kuti 05.jpg 02 “Africa, Centre Of The World”Upside Down/Music Of Many Colours – Fela Kuti and Roy Ayers

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okyeame Says:
July 11th, 2011 at 9:52 pm

really got into fela while living in d.c. thanks for this post. groovy fella, i mean fela.

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