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“Don’t Explain” is Billie’s song. Billie Holiday wrote it and her recording remains a touchstone for torch music. Nothing sadder than love that is abused. Especially when both the abuser and the abusee know that the abuse is going down—one of them won’t stop and the other can’t stop, and, well, it’s just sad, which is the way Billie sings it. But also exhibits a touch of defiance.

I’m going to defy all this pain I’m going through just so I can take the briefest taste of joy I can squeeze out of this pot of misery. Oh what a situation. Needless to say, this is not a song to love but rather a song to recognize and, hopefully, never have to experience. Or as the old blues cat sang, if you never had it, I hope you never will.

But the thing that makes this song so everlasting is that after all the centuries, literally hundreds of years, of lovers being done wrong, it seems at some time or another, far too many of us go marching through that particular corner of hell.

Anyway, here’s a baker’s dozen of selections starting off with Ms. Billie Holiday and trooping on through to a hip-hop take on this classic song of love gone wrong. As always pick your own poison; I’m not going to tell you that one version is the standout above and beyond the others.

Some like ‘em tall, some like ‘em stout, so are enraptured by a whisper, others want to shake it til it shout. Whatever be your inclination and carnal orientation, we got something for you in these selections.

Would it be too perverse to say: enjoy. Even if you condition don’t get no better, at least enjoy it when it hurts so good… hush, don’t say nothing. Just shut up and listen to this…

—Kalamu ya Salaam

Don’t Explain Mixtape Playlist

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01 The Complete Billie Holiday On Verve – Billie Holiday

dont explain cover 02.jpg 
02 For Lady – Webster Young

dont explain cover 03.jpg 
03 For Lady Day, Vol. 1 – Carmen McRae

dont explain cover 04.jpg 
04 Mostly Ballads – Steve Khun

dont explain cover 05.jpg 
05 Altre spezie – Gianni Coscia & Lucia Minetti

dont explain cover 06.jpg 
06 Almost Like Being In Jazz – Hugh Masekela

dont explain cover 07.jpg 
07 Let It All Out – Nina Simone

dont explain cover 08.jpg 
08 Soul Box – Grover Washington, Jr.

dont explain cover 09.jpg 
09 Mystery Lady (Songs of Billie Holiday) – Etta James

dont explain cover 10.jpg 
10 Soulin' - Lou Rawls

dont explain cover 11.jpg 
11 Lady Sings The Blues Soundtrack – Diana Ross

dont explain cover 12.jpg 
12 Let's Stay Here – Oleta Adams

dont explain cover 13.jpg 
13 The Complete Moon Bay Sessions – DJ Drez & Marty Williams

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