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This is a classic song from the golden era, 1969 to be specific. Nina Simone composed the music, her musical director during that period Weldon Irvine wrote the lyrics.

I remember in the nineties hanging out with brother Irvine for a minute. We were in Madison, Wisconsin attending a hip hop conference—you know come to think of it, even though both of us were close to, if not past, fifty years old, neither one of us asked the other what we were doing there.
Weldon told me that he had taken Black Studies classes in college and the song came to... well actually came through him, as he reflected on the state of black America during that period. The song proved to be super-popular and became an anthem of the period.

There ought to have been many more recorded versions than exist today. One major twist is that reggae artists took up the banner with enthusiasm and waxed a number of versions. Four of the ten versions on this Mixtape are reggae interpretations.

Nina frequently recorded the song including the long version on the Mixtape. Other than Ms. Simone’s definitive reading, if I were forced to select a favorite, I think I would hesitate before finally settling on Donny Hathaway.

Enjoy one of the truly classic soul songs from the sixties.

—Kalamu ya Salaam

P.S. Believe it or not, I forgot that we featured Young, Gifted and Black” on BoL back in November 2005. (Go here to read the first BoL write up.) This posting is an extension of that earlier one almost five years ago to the month. Invariably when I think of master Weldon, when I reflect on his contributions and his truly tragic suicide death, invariably I am saddened fortunately the music strengthens me and I give thanks for this truly, truly uplifting legacy.

Young, Gifted and Black Mixtape Playlist

ygb cover 01.jpg 
01 Black Gold - Nina Simone

ygb cover 02.jpg 
02 Oh Me Oh My: Aretha Live in Philly - Aretha Franklin

ygb cover 03.jpg 
03 Child of A King - Luciano

ygb cover 04.jpg 
04 Young Gifted And Black - The Early Years - C J Lewis

ygb cover 05.jpg 
05 Pied Piper - Bob & Marcia

ygb cover 06.jpg 
06 Young Gifted And Black CDS - Baby J Ft. Dynamite MC

ygb cover 07.jpg 
07 J. Period's The Best Of Big Daddy Kane Big Daddy Kane

ygb cover 08.jpg 
08 Legends Of Acid Jazz - Houston Person

ygb cover 09.jpg 
09 Young, Gifted And Black - Aretha Franklin

ygb cover 10.jpg 
10 Everything Is Everything - Donny Hathaway

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