ERYKAH BADU / “Erykah Badu Remix Mixtape”

erykah badu 54.jpg Yeah, I did it before, and knowing me and knowing she (Ms. Badu I mean) most likely I will undoubtedly do it even thrice again in the not too distant future. Go here to read the first of what looks like it’s going to be a serious series: Erykah Badu remix mixtapes. If you don’t dig Badu, you might as well quit because it ain’t going to be nothing but some more, and some more—a twist here, some tweaking there, might change the tempo even, or alter the pitch but essentially it’s all Badu all up in this joint from this point on and on. Except, because these are remixes, it’s not really Badu doing it except of course sister-girl be encouraging this shit. Holding remix contests. Posting remixes on her website. Tweetin’ to her followers to check out a remix. What is it about this music that makes it such a willing conspirator in it’s own transformation? I believe part of the reason is because the music base be broad, by which I mean Badu be dropping more than just phat beats, there be melody and harmonies, and some serious singing plus deep story telling. Her tunes be so suggestive, call to mind all kinds of variations. erykah badu 76.jpg So even though she’s not the one twisting the knobs, she’s the muse inspiring the knob twistas to twist they natural born asses off (or should that be “twist off they natchal asses”?)—whatever. They doing it cause Badu be doing it to them. And that’s the mark of an artist. So there’s some serious organization—at least I’d like to think the selection process is serious. This Mixtape is in three parts. Part one is just six remix tracks I happen to dig. Part two is four investigations of “Honey” and they are really different one from another, so I doubt you will become bored hearing the same song four times in succession. Moreover not a one of them is the original. Part three is six selections from a remix tape called Chopped/Screwed by DJ Rico Sparks. Right here, let me drop a little aside. When I did the previous Badu remix Mixtape, I included a lot of live tracks and even some interview snippets. Those live tracks illustrated how Badu be constantly rearranging her own music. She don’t be caring that a lot of people go to a concert and hope to not only hear their favorite song, they also be wanting to hear it sound like it sound on the record. The same-o, same-o is a big no-no when it comes to Badu live. And that’s another reason I dig what she’s doing. And, her live rearranging is also another explanation for how she inspires so much remixing of her music. A lot of DJs just be taking their cue from Ms. Badu and how she treats her music. My man, DJ Rico Sparks takes off on a really radical approach. He slows the stuff down, boosts the bass, does some pitch shifting and also some doubling of the vocals with phase shifting—sometimes it sounds like an echo, other times sounds like rapid-repetition. It’s all sweetly done, which is why I’m featuring him. Unfortunately, most of this stuff is not commercially available. In fact by capitalist standards this stuff is illegal—and don’t get me started on talking about how capitalist who make a fat living from appropriating land, labor, culture and whatever else they can steal, how these muthafuckas turn around and make it illegal for other people to sample and remix. Yeah, I know they dress it up to make it seem like they are protecting the artists but believe me it’s not about protecting artists, it’s about the bottom line of protecting their own thievery/profits. So anyway, I can’t tell you where to get most of this stuff, cause I’m not supposed to have it. I can tell you that DJ Rico got a website and if you go here you just might be able to cop the whole Mixtape. erykah badu 71.jpg And thusly, Badu rolls on and on. I don’t have to say “enjoy,” ‘cause if you’re still reading, undoubtedly you’re still grooving to the ethereal sounds of Ms. Erykah Badu with her bad self. —Kalamu ya Salaam Erykah Badu Remix Mixtape Playlist erykah badu 69.jpg -Part One- 01 “Real Thang” - DJ zagazaga remix) 02 “Back In The Day (blend)” – The Essential Elements Of Erykah Badu — mixed by DJ Big Texas 03 “Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop)” - Devil's Pie: Erykah vs. Jill Live Mix 04 “Love Of My Life Ft Common” 05 “Tyrone (remix)” – The Essential Elements Of Erykah Badu — mixed by DJ Big Texas 06 “Window Seat Remix featuring Rick Ross” erykah badu 81.jpeg -Part Two- 07 “Honey” - Captain Planet Remix 08 “Honey” - JBlow RMX 09 “Honey” - Seiji Mix 10 “Honey” - DJ Day Mix erykah badu 82.jpg -Part Three- Chopped/Screwed Mixtape - DJ Rico Sparks 11 “Window Seat” 12 “Call Tyron” 13 “Didn't Cha Know” 14 “The Love Of My Life ft Common” 15 “See You Next Lifetime” 16 “Back In The Day” 17 “Other Side Of The  Game”

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3 Responses to “ERYKAH BADU / “Erykah Badu Remix Mixtape””

Mtume Says:
May 11th, 2010 at 4:39 pm

Baba, those screwed and chopped remixes are SICK. I don’t do drugs — never did — but…. Well, you know. That’s some seriously spaced-out sh*t.

       kalamu sez:        

i assume that means you like sicque shit ;->)


Sistah EP Says:
May 13th, 2010 at 5:44 pm

Miss Badu and others are WAY fly! Bro. Kalamu, much love for posting such fabulous music on this site. . . my compadres and I can’t wait for Mondays!

mogrizzly Says:
May 15th, 2010 at 12:30 pm

Bro. Kalamu, you impress me still 20 plus year later. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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