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So here I am again, writing about something I know next to nothing about. Why? Cause I likes it and I wants to. You do know that the heart is a muscle with a mind of its own. When we likes something or someone the reason may not be obvious, if indeed there is a logical reason.

All the songs on their sole recording, Every Day Life (2007), are in English but near as I can tell the group is (or more likely “was”) based in France. I say was because this one recording is all I have been able to find. No other mentions anywhere on the internet. No follow-up info or bio. You could say it’s a mystery.

I think it was a case of no major publicity push. All they did was make good music but there was no deep pockets or marketing muscle exerted on their behalf, so they came and went before we even much knew they were on the scene. In fact, can’t even call the names of all who made up the band, neither vocalists nor musicians.

 So here I am digging on their sound. A trio of female voices like a front line of flutes, light and lyrical. Song lyrics that run far, far deeper than simple moon/June, I love you, do you love me re-treads. A wonderful mix of pop and jazz: rich harmonies, floating melodies, enticing rhythms. They are a full band with horns and keys, percussion, guitar, bass and drums. I know it was impossible to keep this unit together without major support from a patron or an enthusiastic public.

Actually they are a throwback to an earlier era of music, fit right into the middle of late seventies soul/jazz hybrids, sort of like when Earth, Wind & Fire’s leader Maurice White was producing The Emotions, or maybe some Denice Williams kind of vibe with a touch of new age spirituality. Every Day Life has an overall warm, ethereal, laid-back groove with filaments of steel resolve and social consciousness running through. Unfortunately, even though some of the lead voices insert raps here and there, this sound is not in sync with what is popping in the hip hop dominated new millennium.

This one could have been stellar but alas, their little light hath briefly shined down on us and the source seems to have moved on… that’s all I know.

—Kalamu ya Salaam

All Lovin Soul Mixtape Playlist

Every Day Life 01 "C'mon In" 02 "Keep In Mind" 03 "Possibilities" 04 "Free" 05 "Let Me In" 06 "Walk" 07 "Emissaries of Tha Light"              

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2 Responses to “ALL LOVIN SOUL / Every Day Life Mixtape”

March 30th, 2012 at 3:05 pm

WOW. After hearing this, I want to get their album. But if you’re having this much trouble finding out about the band, then a neophyte like me shouldn’t even try. 🙂

Darcy Says:
April 14th, 2012 at 5:35 pm

Great stuff. thanks for shining a light on this. Only ever available as a download? Can’t find any links t a CD for sale and nothing on the bay gemm etc.
Proves that if you but all your eggs in the new technology basket you get lost in the shuffle?
Much as it is against my religion looks like I’m going to have to buy the MP3 download!

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