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Here is number four in a projected eight or more series of Stevie Wonder compositions and covers. By now most every music lover has recognized this man’s genius, yet even those of us who lionize him sometimes don’t realize the immense breadth and depth of Stevie’s musical accomplishments.

You could throw away 50 Stevie Wonder songs and still have over half a hundred hits to go, still be working your way through unforgettable compositions. Throw away a hundred and there’s a hundred more lurking in the wings waiting on you to get back from the dump. Not that anyone would ever want to throw away even four or five Stevie songs, but shouldn’t we stop and wonder how it is that this man has turned out so much awesome music?

Some say it’s being blind gives him an edge, yet there are so many blind musicians who haven’t produced even a tenth of Stevie’s body of work, not to mention no comparison in terms of quality.

So let’s just admit we don’t know and chalk it up to a convergence of cosmic forces that, if we are lucky, happens during our lifetime and we are alive to witness the micracle. I could make a cornucopia of conjectures but all I know is one simple fact: Stevie Wonder is truly a genius of 20th century music.

This week we feature four songs: “Another Star,” “Lately,” “Looking For Another Pure Love,” and “Overjoyed.” As always with this Stevie covers series there is a wide variety of interpretations. This time the emphasis is on jazz and soul, with a taste of Brazilian spice thrown in for good measure.


—Kalamu ya Salaam

Stevie Wonder Covers Mixtape 4


“Another Star”

01 Jazzinit - Dee Daniels



02 Conception – An Interpretation - Caron Wheeler


03 Animation - Cedar Walton


04 A La Media Noche – Kaoma


05 At The Close Of A Century - Stevie Wonder


06 Novelas - Gal Costa

07 At The Close Of A Century - Stevie Wonder  

08 Musica Preta Brasileira Ao Vivo - Sandra de Sá

“Looking For Another Pure Love”

09 Sergio Mendes - Sérgio Mendes & Brazil '77



10 Talking Book - Stevie Wonder  

11 Roberta - Roberta Flack       “Overjoyed”

12 Standard Wonder - Dave Pietro



13 Sunny - Sunny Sumter  

14 All My Tomorrows - Grover Washington Jr.  

15 Tales Of Wonder - Nnenna Freelon  

16 Natural Wonder - Stevie Wonder  

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