VARIOUS ARTISTS / Felicidade 3 Mixtape

felicidade scene.jpg I don’t know what’s wrong with me—this is the third time I’m doing a Felicidade Mixtape, and guess what, there are no repeated tracks. Sure a handful of these artists were included before but here we have different versions, and in the case of Martinho da Villa with Tom Jobim, it’s a club-based remix that samples their voices over a completely contemporary version. Music by Tom Jobim and words by poet Vinicius de Moraes, “Felicidade” is one of those classic songs that will never grow old precisely because it’s stated premise remains true for most of us: sadness never ends, happiness does. The previous two times BoL featured “Felicidade,” Mtume and I wrote extensively about our admiration and identification with this classic song (here and here). And there is really not much more for either of us to say beyond what we have already written. So I don’t know what possessed me to go off on a fool’s errand to do a third “Felicidade” Mixtape. But you know what they say, a fool and the music will never part. Once music captures your heart, you are hooked for life and neither reason nor wisdom will keep you from chasing the holy grail of a good mix of moving music. So without apology, I offer this third “Felicidade” Mixtape for your musical enjoyment. And maybe—perhaps but not for certain—maybe this will be the last time I inflict a “Felicidade” Mixtape on you. —Kalamu ya Salaam Felicidade Mixtape 3 Playlist felicidade cover 01.jpg 01 Viva Brazil - Jazz aus Sudamerika - Antonio Carlos Jobim & Astrud Gilberto felicidade cover 02.jpg 02 Via Brasil vol.2  - Tania Maria felicidade cover 03.jpg 03 Da Rua Dos Ossos – Juju Duarte felicidade cover 04.jpg 04 Live at The Blue Note - Gal Costa felicidade cover 05.jpg 05 El Corazon Al Sur - Antonio Serrano - Jose Reinoso felicidade cover 06.jpg 06 Clássicos de Tom Jobim – Cris Delanno felicidade cover 07.jpg 07 Lounge - Tom Jobim feat. Martinho da Vila felicidade cover 08.jpg 08 Ao Vivo – Maria Creuza felicidade cover 09.jpg 09 Felicidades – Baden Powell felicidade cover 10.jpg 10 Nova Saudade - César Camargo Mariano felicidade cover 11.jpg 11 Vivendo Vinicius Ao Vivo Disc 1 – Miucha felicidade cover 12.jpg 12 Garota De Ipanema – Nara Leao felicidade cover 13.jpg 13 Live At Brazilian Embassy In Tokyo - Group Som Brasil felicidade cover 14.jpg 14 Que Falta Você Me Faz – Maria Bethania  

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