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London-born Zena Edwards is a consummate spoken word artist. She is a serious writer who works in a number of genres and also produces events. In addition to the insightfulness of her content and delivery, I am particularly impressed by her range as a vocalist. On Finn’s “Country Boy” track she functions solely as a vocalist.
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Zena Edwards is comfortable in  both contemporary hip-hop influenced contexts as well as in rootsy, traditional African, acoustic settings in collaboration with the South African master, Pops Mohamed.

Unfortunately, other than a duet album with Mohammad, Zena Edwards does not have any currently available albums. Two independently produced CDs are out of print. The majority of the tracks on this Mixtape are singles gathered from various sources, some of which are not commercially available.

I wish more of her work was available. Until such time, enjoy this taste of Zena Edwards.

—Kalamu ya Salaam




 Zena Edwards Mixtape Playlist


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01 “In Other Words (with Jamie Woon)” - Apples & Snakes: TwoFive


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02 “Wood And String”

03 “Thirsty For Humanity” – Fidelity - Castro B & Zena Edwards With The Bushmen Of The Kalahari

04 “Country Boy” - HKB Finn and Zena Edwards

05 “Brothers Keeper”

06 “Now I Rise”

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07 “Dance of the Soul feat. Zena Edwards”Positivity - Positive Flow


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08 “Healing Pool” - One Taste Collective Vol. 3

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The Millennium Experience – Zena Edwards & Pops Mohamed
09 “Singing the Praises of Woman”
10 “Xhosa Diviner's Praise Songs”
11 “Siya Jabula”

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2 Responses to “ZENA EDWARDS – “Zena Edwards Mixtape””

tayari Says:
February 5th, 2011 at 8:33 am

what is that essence that speaks, feels, sounds african? mellow yet strong. sensitive yet passionate. maybe there are no words to describe it. thank you, kalamu, for bringin’ the richness that is Zena Edwards.

Chance Says:
February 5th, 2011 at 10:26 am

Wow, thanks, this was great. Very enjoyable accompaniment to a fairly quiet Saturday morning on the job. She’s a beautiful, intelligent and creative lady. Hadn’t heard of her before, but yes, it would be nice to see more of her stuff around.

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