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Yes, yes yall, it’s Herbie Hancock with his funky “Watermelon Man” song, flipped and tripping out 18 different ways PLUS a short interview segment in which Herbie talks about the second of three major hit versions of the song.

Hit version number one was on Herbie’s first release as a leader. Hit number two was by Mongo Santamaria. Herbie explains how that came about right before we hear Mongo tear it up at Montreaux. Hit number three was Herbie and the Headhunters. The original 1962 version opens the Mixtape, Herbie’s interview is in the middle and the Headhunters close us out.

In between all of that is some unexpected and tres interesting takes on a song that has probably been recorded more than any other Herbie song. Imagine everybody from Count Basie to Jimmy Smith, plus some Jamaican and Brazilian takes, and even a New Orleans brass band with rap version.

There’s not much to analyze. This is kick up your heels and have a good time music. So, enjoy.

—Kalamu ya Salaam

Watermelon Man Mixtape Playlist

watermelon man cover 01.jpg 
01 Best Of Herbie Hancock – Herbie Hancock
watermelon man cover 02.jpg 
02 Swingin' Till the Girls Come Home - Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan

watermelon man cover 03.jpg 
03 Count Basie Picks The Winners - Count Basie

watermelon man cover 04.jpg 
04 Here & Now - Paul Finnerty's Riff Raff Jazz Band

watermelon man cover 05.jpg 
05 Get Real - Rob Christian

watermelon man cover 06.jpg 
06 The Jamaican Beat - Jazz Jamaica

watermelon man cover 07.jpg 
07 Fretish - Victor Saumarez

watermelon man cover 08.jpg 
08 Accents - Scott Feiner & Pandeiro Jazz

watermelon man cover 09.jpg 
09 Simply - Natural Carla Cook

watermelon man cover 10.jpg 
10 Bopa II Opera - WonderBrazz

watermelon man cover 11.jpg 
11 Latin Jazz - Recife All Stars

watermelon man cover 12.jpg 
12 ACJazz - ACJazz

watermelon man cover 13.jpg 
13 Herbie Hancock on "Watermelon Man" - Talking Jazz Singles - Ben Sidran

watermelon man cover 14.jpg 
14 Montreux Heat! - Mongo Santamaria

watermelon man cover 15.jpg 
15 Urbanator - Urbanator (featuring Herbie Hancock)

watermelon man cover 16.jpg 
16 La Trenggae - Taxi Gang + Dean & David

watermelon man cover 17.jpg 
17 Damn! - Jimmy Smith

watermelon man cover 18.jpg 
18 Soul Food For Thought - Vanessa Rodrigues

watermelon man cover 19.jpg 
19 Head Hunters - Herbie Hancock

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