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Cuban Classics Mixtape is slightly misleading. We feature diverse versions of two songs, only one of which, “Guantanamera,” is really a Cuban song, the other, “Perfidia,” is actually of Mexican origin. I probably would have called this Mixtape by another name if I had realized that “Perfidia” was not Cuban. But on the other hand, this Mixtape features some of the most iconic of Cuban musicians both historically and also from the contemporary scene.

“Guantanamera” is credited to Jose Fernandez Diaz, aka Joseito Fernandez, with some controversy about whether another musician, Herminio “El Diablo” Garcia Wilson, didn’t also contribute to the development of the song. There is no doubt that the song is the best known and best loved native Cuban song and that it was first popularized by Fernandez.

The Mixtape includes several important interpretations. Two in particular stand out. The opening version is by Beny Moré, who is considered the king of popular, 20th century Cuban vocalists. The concluding version is by Celia Cruz, who has a virtual lock on the most loved and respected female Cuban vocalist. Cruz’s version is a live recording that demonstrates her power as well as her popularity with her audiences.

The other versions range from a quiet, acoustic combination of Cuban guitars and African (Mali) strings (kora) from the recent album AfroCubism to hip hop versions by Hip Hop Hoodios, Pitbull and Wyclef Jean. Most but not all of the interpretations feature Cuban artists who range in style from the traditional approach of the song’s composer Joseito Fernandez to an amazing vocal choral (you might even say Afro-Cuban doo wop) display by Vocal Sampling.

“Perfidia” was composed by Mexican musician Alberto Dominguez. There are literally hundreds of recorded versions of this song, which has also been used in numerous movies including the ever-popular classic, Casablanca.

During the mambo craze of the forties and fifties in the United States, Xavier Cugat had a big hit with an early version. I’m partial to the jazzy arrangement by Perez Prado who was nicknamed the “King of the Mambo.” My two favorite versions are by vocalist Nat King Cole and Cuban pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba.

This Cuban Classics Mixtape is guaranteed to put you in a happy mood and/or pull you out on the dance floor. Another way to put it, this is feel good music with a Latin twist.

—Kalamu ya Salaam

Cuban Classics Mixtape Playlist

cuban classic cover 01.jpeg 
01  Benny Moré en vivo - Benny Moré

cuban classic cover 02.jpg 
02 AfroCubism - AfroCubism

cuban classic cover 03.jpg 
03 Guantanamera & Other Cuban Favorites - Elmer Ferreira

cuban classic cover 04.jpg 
04 Cuba: I Am Time - Joselito Fernandez

cuban classic cover 05.jpg 
05 Richard Egües & Friends - Richard Egües

cuban classic cover 06.jpg 
06 La Coleccion Cubana - Omara Portuondo

cuban classic cover 07.jpg 
07 Alive Alive-O! - Jose Feliciano

cuban classic cover 08.jpg 
08 Album De Cuba - Lucrecia

cuban classic cover 09.jpg 
09 De lo oculto, lo popular Lissy Alvarez y su Quinteto de la Habana – Aissy Alvarez

cuban classic cover 10.jpg 
10 Dos Cuba L.A. – Dos Cuba L.A.

cuban classic cover 11.jpg 
11 Calle Salud - Compay Segundo

cuban classic cover 12.jpg 
12 GUANTANAMERA Un tributo a Cuba – Miguel

cuban classic cover 13.jpg 
13 Carne Masada - Hip Hop Hoodios

cuban classic cover 14.jpg 
14 Armando - Pitbull

cuban classic cover 15.jpg 
15 Carnival - Wyclef Jean

cuban classic cover 16.jpg 
16 Cambio de Tiempo - Vocal Sampling

cuban classic cover 17.jpg 
17 Exitos Eternos - Celia Cruz

cuban classic cover 18.jpg 
18 The Best of Perez Prado - Perez Prado

cuban classic cover 19.jpg 
19 Grand Exitos 2 - Nat King Cole

cuban classic cover 20.jpg 
20 Canta Boleros en Tropicana - Pablo Milanes

cuban classic cover 21.jpg 
21 Vozes do Brasil - joanna

cuban classic cover 22.jpg 
22 The Legendary Okeh and Epic Recordings - Ahmad Jamal

cuban classic cover 23.jpg 
23 Bolero Jazz - Eloisa Martin

cuban classic cover 24.jpg 
24 Mi Sueño - Ibrahim Ferrer

cuban classic cover 25.jpg 
25 The Latin Touch - Laura Fygi

cuban classic cover 26.jpg 
26 L-O-V-E - Issac Delgado

cuban classic cover 27.jpg 
27 The Spanish Remixes - Nat King Cole

cuban classic cover 28.jpg 
28 Imagine - Gonzalo Rubalcaba

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