FLOETRY & LES NUBIANS / “Grown Folks Music Vol. 5”

Two of the best known contemporary soul duos: Floetry and Les Nubians.
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Floetry, which is now disbanded (each of the partners have new solo albums about to drop), is from England. Their combination of poetry and music represented two popular movements: spoken word and neo-soul. I was looking forward to their development and was disappointed when I heard they broke up. Fortunately they left behind two studio albums plus a live set recorded in New Orleans. The jukebox contains two of their hits (“Butterflies” and “Hey You”) taken from their live album.
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Les Nubians sing mainly in French but also include some English. My first impression of them was that they were ok but I was not knocked out. On closer inspection I found myself enthralled with their approach and the consciousness behind their music. I was especially taken by their covers of jazz classics by Duke Ellington (“Come Sunday”) and Thelonious Monk (“Round Midnight”), both of which are included in the jukebox. Les Nubians have a new album scheduled for release before the end of 2010.
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Unfortunately, other than he is based in Atlanta, I do not have any information on DJ 1derful but you can go here to get a free download of this week’s Mixtape. Below is the tracklist.


Les Nubians – "Makeda"
Floetry – "My Apology"
Les Nubians – "Liberté"
Floetry – "Blessed 2 Have"
Les Nubians – "Me & Me"
Floetry – "Fun"
Les Nubians – "One Step Forward"
Raheem DeVaughn – "Marathon" (feat. Floetry)
Les Nubians – John Banzi (Feat. Lipstik) – "Rendezvous"
Floetry – "Floetic"
Les Nubians – "Bebela"
The Floacist Featuring Josh and Kissi B. – "Life in 3D"
Les Nubians – "Desolee" (Roots mix-demo version)
Floetry – "Say Yes"
Les Nubians – "Temperature Rising"
Floetry – "Opera"
Les Nubians – "Princesse Nubienne"
Floetry – "If I Was a Bird"

—Kalamu ya Salaam

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