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Have you ever been hanging out in a place where you didn’t speak the language? Just peeping, trying to see what you can see as you dig a different scene. And maybe you’re with a friend who is familiar with the happenings so you don’t feel any anxiety because your friend is both an anchor and safety net. You see interactions you kind of recognize but you also witness a bunch of stuff you know you’re not catching the whole of it.

I especially like to check out the way people dance and the way they react to live music. And speaking of music, I have heard some artists whom I thought were talented and full of edgar allen, which is what we say when we see somebody with POEtential…

Anyway, I was on one of my deep internet voyages and ran across Soulissime, a nineteen track compilation of contemporary soul music from France. Needless to say I was sort of intrigued even though French is one of my least favorite languages—I don’t mean I dislike it, I just mean it doesn’t particularly move me but some of this stuff felt comfortable in my ear, and voila, I decided to share this with BoL.

Oh btw, the soul Mixtape is available as a free download. If you dig any of these ten tracks go here for a free download of the whole compilation.

For more info (in French) visit

I can’t tell you anything about the individual artists so I’ve tracked down photos (I hope I got the correct photo for each). Enjoy.

—Kalamu ya Salaam

Soulissime Mixtape Playlist


soulissime 01.jpg 
01 “Soul Music” - Shad Murray

soulissime 02.jpg 
02 “Créolité Urbaine” feat. Afrosoulicious - Akoma Aya

soulissime 03.jpg 
03 “Elles veulent tout” - Freddy

soulissime 04.jpg 
04 “Il est Temps” - Leslie Phillips

soulissime 05.jpg 
05 “Comment te dire” - Rycko

soulissime 06.jpg 
06 “J'voulais qu'on s'pose” - Monsieur NOV

soulissime 07.jpg 
07 “Fleur du Ghetto” - Jango Jack

soulissime 08.jpg 
08 “Dis moi” - Natho

soulissime 09.jpg 
09 “Seul” - Quinze

soulissime 10.jpg 
10 “J'me dis (remix)” - Rony

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