MOS DEF / “Mos Dub Mixtape”

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When I first heard about this one, I said “OK. I’ll get to it when I get to it.” Indeed, I actually got to the Talib Kweli companion download before checking out the Mos Def. I thought the Talib piece was, well, was “OK.” Good work but nothing I was inclined to listen to twice except to check to make sure my first impression wasn’t wrong.

What made me want to give a second listen to the Talib joint was the excellence of Mos Dub. This does not sound like a remix even though it definitely is. DJ/Producer Max Tannone specializes in mash-ups, combining different elements to create a hybrid.
dj tannone 01.jpg 
Tannone made some noise with his Jay-Z/Radiohead combo. There are other efforts such as one with The Beastie Boys, but, again, I said, “OK.” In the last two days I’ve listened to Mos Dub at leas four or five times and I’m still digging it.

This mash-up sounds like this was the way the music was supposed to be, or at the very least sounds like this was the way it was originally recorded. I chalk it up to two elements. Tannone is a beast when it comes to mixing and remixing, but more important than that, Mos Def is most definitely a master emcee. Mos has serious content and mad skillz, what more could we ask for except maybe “make some more like this.”
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These are not new raps but they sound new in a dub heavy, reggae context. In fact, in most cases I like the mash-ups better than the originals but then I'm not a dedicated hip-hop head so, in that sense, my judgment is skewed. I do know this is some top ranking ish.

And, oh yeah, there is also an instrumental dub set available. Back in the seventies, an original and a dub version was standard operating procedures. While I don’t think the instrumental dub set is crucial, it’s a welcomed addition.

Finally, the most fabulous news of all is that Mos Dub is available as a free download. Go here and get your download today. Give thanx.

—Kalamu ya Salaam

Mos Dub Playlist

Mos Dub.jpg

Mos Dub 
01 “Johnny Too Beef”
02 “History Town”
03 “Ms. Vampire Booty”
04 “In My Math”
05 “Travellin' Underground”
06 “Shroud The Stars”
07 “Mr. Universe”
08 “Summertime Running”
09 “Kampala Truth Work”
10 “Hurricane Black”

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