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"People everywhere are searching, searching for a spiritual base to stand on, reach out from and react to. The way I understand it, I’m supposed to put the message out there as clearly as I can. The rest has to take care of itself."
—Terry Callier

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People hear in this music the things they are most familiar with. Folk music fans hear the folk part of it, jazz fans are drawn to the improvised quality and soul fans can feel what’s happening. I’m not sure what label to put on the music — it’s what I do and it’s been influenced by every type of music I’ve ever listened to.

I think all artists (writers, directors, painters, musicians, film-makers, whatever) have a responsibility to try and move society to a higher vibe. I think that we haven’t lived up to the task, not necessarily because we don’t or didn’t want to but because the entertainment industry isn’t interested in messages as such — they are only concerned with what is selling. In addition, the industry has control over what is presented as commercial and if they want a certain type of music to be popular they increase its exposure and if there’s a certain type of music they want to suppress, they have no problem doing that.
—Terry Callier

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Terry Callier is my number one contemporary songwriter/vocalist. His ability to write about the experiences, desires, dreams and hardships of ordinary people is unparalleled. This is music to listen to and reflect on life, to weigh the what went rights, the where we went wrongs, to honestly consider what’s next after examining what happen on the way to where we are now. This is music for adult considerations of the values manifested by how we have chosen and how, in the future, we will choose to live.

Listen. Reflect. Meditate. Learn about yourself.
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Consider this music spiritual fertilizer to help us grow; to help us be better. Music to help us be us, be(come) the best of ourselves.

Listen to this music. Quietly. Alone.

We at BoL have written extensively about Terry Callier: here, here, here, here and here. But we have never done a Terry Callier Mixtape.

Here it is.


—Kalamu ya Salaam

Terry Callier Mixtape Playlist



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Terry Callier - The Mr. Bongo Years


Currently Amazon is offering a special offer on downloads of Terry Callier - The Mr. Bongo Years for $6.99 total cost. It's actually a 3CD set: 50 tracks, including the entire Alive album. This is absolutely the best deal available on Terry Callier music. It doesn't include any of the pre-eighties music nevertheless this is a crucial deal, especially if you don't own any Terry Callier music. I have no idea how long the offer will last. Don't sleep on this one. Order it today!

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01 “City Side And Country Side” - Essential Terry Callier: The Very Best

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02 “Love Theme from ‘Spartacus’ ” - Timepeace

terry callier cover 03.jpg 
03 “Caravan Of Love” - Speak Your Peace

terry callier cover 02.jpg
04 “People Get Ready/Brotherly Love” - Timepeace

terry callier cover 05.jpg 
05 “Trance On Sedgewick Street” - Collected

terry callier cover 06.jpg 
06 “Dancing Girl (Live)” - Alive

terry callier cover 07.jpg 
07 “Blues for Billie Holiday” - Lookin' Out

terry callier cover 08.jpg 
08 “Bowlin' Green” - I Just Can't Help Myself

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09 “Running Around” - Speak Your Peace

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10 “Darker Than a Shadow [Mitchell & Dewbury Mix]" - Total Recall

terry callier cover 02.jpg
11 “Keep Your Head High” - Timepeace

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12 “Faithful (O.B.'s song)” - Lookin' Out

terry callier cover 06.jpg
13 “Ordinary Joe (Live)” - Alive

terry callier cover 05.jpg
14 “Satin Doll” - Collected

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15 “When My Lady Danced” - Welcome Home

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16 “I Don't Wanna See Myself (Live)” - Alive

17 “Advice (Black Grass Remix)”Advice - Hardkandy featuring Terry Callier

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18 “Paris Blues” - Lookin' Out

terry callier cover 03.jpg
19 “Chelsea Blue” - Speak Your Peace

terry callier cover 01.jpg
20 “Occasional Rain” - Essential Terry Callier: The Very Best

terry callier cover 07.jpg
21 “Lookin' Out” - Lookin' Out

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22 “What Color Is Love” - TC In DC



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23 “Butterfly” - TC In DC

terry callier cover 07.jpg
24 “Look In 2 U” - Lookin' Out

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25 “African Violet (Live)” - Alive

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26 “I Don't Wan't To See Myself (Without You)” - Life Lessons

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27 “Time Peace/No One Has to Tell You” - Timepeace

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Raymond M. Says:
July 30th, 2010 at 4:51 pm

I’m looking foward to listening to the mixtape.

I first heard about Terry Callier through a song he did with one of my favourite bands, Massive Attack. It’s called “Live With Me” and it’s a great song.

Film Director Johnathan Glazer did an absolutely haunting video for it, which can be seen here:


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