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This is a Michael Jackson song that, thanks to Miles Davis, became popular with jazz artists. I wasn’t surprised to find a bunch of pop covers but I was surprised by the range of genres—jazz, bossa nova, afro-beat mash-up, reggae, and even an a capella chorus.

Unfortunately some of these versions are not available commercially or else are not easy to track down. On the other hand, BoL is on the case to share this bracing batch of enjoyable covers.

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01 J.Period Presents Man Or The Music - Michael Jackson
I’m a fan of this mix master who does a whole lot more than string a bunch of songs together. His Michael Jackson tribute is available as a free download.

human nature cover 02.jpg 
02 Univers Miles - Canela & Vidal
Carme Canela & Lluis Vidal are a captivating duo out of Barcelona, Spain.

human nature cover 03.jpg 
03 Lugano Jazz 2006 - Al Jarreau
This is a bootleg from a rainy but wonderful outdoor festival performance.

human nature cover 04.jpg 
04  Live Around the World - Miles Davis

human nature cover 05.jpg 
05 “Human Nature vs I No Get Eye For Back” - THE KING MEETS THE PRESIDENT IN AFRICA - Michael Jackson, Fela Kuti
An absolutely insane idea, when it works it’s amazing, when it doesn’t, well, it’s kind of the train accident you thought it would be. It’s also available as a free download.

human nature cover 06.jpg 
06 Jackson Lovers - Tarrus Riley

human nature cover 07.jpg 
07 Retro Bossa Les Années 80 - Marcela Mangabeira

human nature cover 08.jpg 
08 The Inspiration - Inspiration
A one-off production from a Pennsylvania college vocal ensemble.

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