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Ok, this is some dropping acid ish. First, you start with five interpretations of Fela’s great song “Zombie.” Then, you go out from there.

“Zombie” is an extremely clever albeit dangerous critique of the Nigerian military. Yall know Fela’s story. Neither Fela nor the military was playing. The Nigerian zombies attacked Fela’s compound, burned it to the ground, beat Fela unmercifully, raped all the women present, AND threw Fela’s mother out a window—she subsequently died as a result of her injuries.

Fela being Fela not only continued performing the song but upon Fela’s release, he led his mother’s funeral procession to the president’s mansion and placed his mother’s coffin out front. AND then Fela recorded a song “Coffin For Head Of State.”


So, anyway, back to the issue at hand… While I was putting this one together I got wind of a wild-ass project. Rich Medina and cohorts mashed up Michael Jackson’s music with Fela’s music. Here’s the description from the website:

The Michael Jackson Fela Kuti Remix Experience

The King Meets the President in Africa— Fela Ransome Kuti and Michael Joseph Jackson mash in thematic, musical and spiritual unity in ten vibrant instances, with results that deliver pure mind/body juju. At first glance that conclusion rings counterintuitive, if only because the very idea of wrenching the distinct compositions of these two masters into a singular, workable groove seems improbable —if not outright impossible. Michael is, well, Michael. And as anyone who’s ever mixed or danced to a Fela record can attest, his songs are highly organic, ever evolving, ever changing records, the complete antitheses of modern beat-machine music—not exactly prime candidates for blending. Yet, blend they do. The outcome? Mental and dance-floor dynamite! - Selwyn Seyfu Hinds
So the “Zombie” mash-up was ok but far from a cigar, however, a couple of the others were out of sight. So, as bonus tracks, I’ve included three more mash-ups.

The Mixtape ends abruptly because the tracks were meant to segue one right into the other. But if you want to get hold to the ten track project, simply go here to the website and get your free download.

Oh, yeah, the opening “Zombie” is from the Tony Award-winning Broadway Soundtrack album. And yes, I have included the original. And that’s about all the intro you need to get into this. Enjoy. I know you will… ;->)

—Kalamu ya Salaam

“Zombie” Mixtape Playlist

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01 Original Broadway Cast Recording: Fela!

zombie cover 02.jpg 
02 “Thriller Zombie”The King Meets The President In Africa - Michael Jackson, Fela Kuti

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03 (promo remix single) - Bugz in the Attic featuring Wunmi
I don’t know that this particular remix is commercially available, but a similar original mix is available on Got The Bug 2

zombie cover 04.jpg 
04 Ancient to the Future - Art Ensemble Of Chicago

zombie cover 05.jpg 
05 The Best Of The Black President - Fela Kuti

zombie cover 02.jpg 
All tracks below are from:
The King Meets The President In Africa - Michael Jackson, Fela Kuti
06 “Remember The Time (Roforo Remix)”
07 “Billie Jean Is Shakara”
08 “Don't Stop Till You Get Enough (Who Are You?)”

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