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“Ooh Child” wins the championship as the for-all-time anthem of optimism. Written by Stan Vincent it was released in 1970 by the Chicago family ensemble, The Five Stairsteps. “Ooh Child” became their signature song and their best seller. In 1971 Nina Simone released her cover of the song, and from that point on the song became both a classic and a standard spawning dozens and dozens of interpretations in a myriad of genres from pop to jazz, gospel to R&B, reggae to rap.

“Ooh Child” is a song that appeals to every demographic, ethnicity, gender and age group. Over thirty years after its initial release, new versions continue to be issued. Here we have 26 versions and once again I am hard-pressed to single out which is my favorite version. Take note that although there are a number of well known artists in the roundup, many of the most striking versions are done by lesser known and/or emerging artists.

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up Mixtape this is the one for you. Enjoy.

—Kalamu ya Salaam

“Ooh Child” Mixtape playlist

ooh child cover 01.jpg
01 The First Family of Soul: The Best of The Five Stairsteps

ooh child cover 02.jpg
02 Is Love Enough? - Nanette Natal

ooh child cover 03.jpg
03 After Frank - 1st Movement - Napoleon Murphy Brock

ooh child cover 04.jpg
04 Sweet Refrain - Denise diRenzo

ooh child cover 05.jpg
05 Solids & Stripes - Jared Gold

ooh child cover 06.jpg
06 Wildflower - Josephine Sincere

ooh child cover 07.jpg
07 Trojan Soulful Reggae Box Set - Bruce Ruffin

ooh child cover 08.jpg
08 Simple Pleasures - Ramsey Lewis And Nancy Wilson

ooh child cover 09.jpg
09 Sweet Soul Records: Soul Over The Race - Aloha Ichimura

ooh child cover 10.jpg
10 Wings To Walk This Road - John Stoddart

ooh child cover 11.jpg
11 In It - Keith Marks

ooh child cover 12.jpg
12 Treasures: A Collection Of Classic Hits - Bebe & Cece Winans

ooh child cover 13.jpg
13 Happy 'Bout The Whole Thing - Dee Dee Sharp

ooh child cover 14.jpg
14 Timeless - Yoshika

ooh child cover 15.jpg
15 Here Comes The Sun - Nina Simone

ooh child cover 16.jpg
16 Doo-It-Doo-Wop! - Stormy Weather

ooh child cover 17.jpg
17 Another Day - Molly Johnson

ooh child cover 18.jpg
18 Better Than Anything - Nnenna Freelon

ooh child cover 19.jpg
19 Gospel Christmas - 103rd Street Gospel Choir With Pat Lewis

ooh child cover 20.jpg
20 The Gospel Soundtrack - Donnie McClurkin (Feat. Kirk Franklin)

ooh child cover 21.jpg
21 “Keep Ya Head Up” - The Best Of 2pac Part 2 Life - 2Pac

ooh child cover 22.jpg
22 Black Mama - Lady Laistee

ooh child cover 23.jpg
23 On A Mission - Leotis

ooh child cover 24.jpg
24 Fire in the Hole - Brand Nubian (Feat. Aisha Mika)

ooh child cover 25.jpg
25 Remixed & Reimagined - Nina Simone

ooh child cover 26.jpg
26 Live At Vaughan's - Kermit Ruffins

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