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horace silver 07.jpg Horace Silver wrote “Song For My Father” as a dedication to both his father and his Cape Verdean heritage. Since 1964 when he wrote “Song For My Father,” Silver’s song has gone on to become possibly the most popular father song of all time. There are literally hundreds of recorded versions. “Song For My Father,” has a distinctive bass line and a memorable and humable melody. It’s basic structure is simultaneously easy to play but strong enough to be interesting for instrumentalists to use as a vehicle for improvisation. Like last week with “Ain’t No Sunshine,” this week’s feature is covered in a myriad of styles, rhythms and tempos. Rather than the original recording, I choose a lesser known live recording of “Song For My Father,” featuring the tenor saxophone of Joe Henderson. Predictably, the jazz interpretations are the most varied, ranging from the ultra funky organ workout by Richard Groove Holmes to the sensuous mid-temp reading by tenor saxophonist Von Freeman, to a stunning duet with saxophonist JD Allen by pianist Orrin Evans. I also call your attention to the highly inventive re-arrangements of the song by both the New Directions crew of young Blue Note recording artists and from the veteran Clayton Brothers. The song was taken to another level of popularity by vocalist Leon Thomas, whom we include here from a Hamburg, German concert bootleg featuring trumpeter Freddie Hubbard. The song now has two sets of lyrics. Thomas employs the first set but some of the other vocalists use the second set, which interestingly refers to Brazil rather than Cape Verde, West Africa. Denise King sings the second set of lyrics but uses some of Leon Thomas’ vocal techniques. Perhaps the most inventive vocal interpretation comes from Portuguese/Cape Verdean-heritage vocalist Carmen Souza who sings in the Cape Verdean creole plus, in vocalese fashion, scats her solo based on Horace Silver’s original piano solo melody. Enjoy this two-hour, musical celebration of fatherhood. —Kalamu ya Salaam Song For My Father Mixtape Playlist father song 01.jpg 01 Re-Entry - Horace Silver father song 02.jpg 02 Love And Peace: A Tribute To Horace Silver - Dee Dee Bridgewater father song 03.jpg 03 One Night - In Concert - Malcolm Green father song 04.jpg 04 New Directions - New Directions father song 05.jpg 05 Protegid - Carmen Souza father song 06.jpg 06 Shades of Blue - Madlib father song 07.jpg 07 Testament - Ernie Ranglin & Pam Hall father song 08.jpg 08 The Jamaican Beat - Jazz Jamaica father song 09.jpg 09 Intrinsic - Typhanie Monique & Neal Alger father song 10.jpg 10 Painting The Town Red - Joe Thompson father song 11.jpg 11 Sometimes Forgotten, Sometimes Rembered - Mansur Scott Harlem Quartet father song 12.jpg 12 Expressions - The Clayton Brothers father song 13.jpg 13 Fever - Denise King father song 14.jpg 14 Shout For Trane - Joe Lee Wilson & Bond Street father song 15.jpg 15 Onsaya Joy - Richard "Groove" Holmes leon thomas 02.jpg 16 Live in Hamburg, Germany - Freddie Hubbard & Leon Thomas father song 17.jpg 17 Dedicated To You - Von Freeman father song 18.jpg 18 My Funny Valentine - Rosalba Lazzarotto father song 19.jpg 19 Umbo Weti: A Tribute To Leon Thomas - Babatunde Lea featuring vocalist Dwight Tribble father song 20.jpg 20 Easy Now - Orrin Evans

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