TRIO MOCOTO / “Trio Mocoto Mixtape”

trio mocoto 04.jpg Only in Brazil: a trio that was popular forty years ago could have a second, and ultimately larger, success story with the original members. Trio Mocoto was founded in 1968 in Sao Paulo. They helped start the style of Brazilian music that became known as Samba rock or Samba soul. trio mocoto 01.jpg Trio Mocoto’s early success included seminal stint as Jorge Ben’s backing band in the early seventies. trio mocoto 03.jpg The original members were Joao Parahyba, vocalist and drummer; Nereu Gargalo, vocalist and percussionist; and Luiz Carlos Fritz, vocalist and guitarist, who has recently been replaced by Skowa, vocalist and guitarist. Their recording career under their own name was only three albums long, from 1971 to 1975 before they disbanded in 1975 shortly after their third and last release from the initial incarnation. Disco hit popular music in Brazil and it was not easy for a working band to stay together. Although they were no longer a working trio, the members all stayed musically active. Drummer Parahyba was the drummer on Suba’s innovative Sao Paulo Confessions recording. They reformed in 2000 with all the original members and released their new recording, Samba Rock, in 2002. trio mocoto 05.jpg The Trio Mocoto trademark was fusing R&B/funk and rock with samba and other indigenous Brazilian musical styles with a heavy emphasis on poly-rhythms. Their music re-emerged more popular than ever in Brazil despite the advanced ages of the group members. They were known as a funky, let’s dance and have a good time type of band. The term Mocoto was a slang reference to the bare legs of mini-skirted dancers in the clubs. With three albums in seven years and a fourth project (Samba Power - 2005) fronted by Nereu, they have already exceeded their recording output from their seventies hey-day. trio mocoto 06.jpg The successful re-emergence of Trio Mocoto is a remarkable story, especially note worthy is that both back in the seventies and today in 2000’s opening decade their bedrock sound is a fusion of funk and rock with samba. It’s almost like the more things changed over the years, the more the music responds to the same phenomenon. They may be much older but they are no less funky and fun loving. —Kalamu ya Salaam Trio Mocoto Mixtape Playlist trio mocoto cover 01.jpg Samba Rock 01 “Tudo Bem” 02 “Águas De Março” 03 “Kriola” 04 “Nereu Nereu” trio mocoto cover 02.jpg Beleza! Beleza!! Beleza!!! 05 “Beleza! Beleza!! Beleza!!!“ 06 “Coqueiro Verde” 07 “Ziriguidum” 08 “Pura Beleza” trio mocoto cover 03.jpg Samba Power 09 “Me Faz Cosquinha featuring CéU” 10 “Ela Merece Um Samba” 11 “Feijoada Do Chilão” 12 “Santo Antônio Na Linha De Umbanda” trio mocoto cover 04.jpg Que Nega e Essa? 13 “Não Adianta” 14 “Sossega Malandro” 15 “Xuxu Melão” 16 “Dilê”  

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