BETTY WRIGHT / ‘Betty Wright Mixtape”

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3 Responses to “BETTY WRIGHT / ‘Betty Wright Mixtape””

Mtume Says:
June 8th, 2010 at 9:29 am

“You look like the kind of guy who likes the finer things in life. That’s why I want I want you to have me.”

Betty Wright spittin game! You gotta love that. 🙂

sarah Says:
June 8th, 2010 at 9:35 pm

Betty Wright is the consummate story-teller. I love her voice, but it really is her lyrics that draw you in. Wonderfully talented woman.

Kiini Says:
June 11th, 2010 at 3:02 pm

There is something very disturbing about this description of the class-based ways women are used: Betty was like one of them sisters from around the way who never made it through college, that is if she even graduated from high school. The fine, thick young sisters who made all the house parties exciting and, later on, the late night trysts so alluring, even addictive. If they married, it was seldom for too long. Today they are pejoratively referred to as “baby mamas.” I think it’s hanging something on working class women that is not solely their burden to bear. And the clear categorization of them as being there to be used and not taken seriously is chilling. As woman, I know there are ways that men think and relate to women that would (and has) deeply wounded me and those are just the gender breaks of life. Similar to the way that black people are seen as the only bearers of certain issues and burdens, it seems that this para is putting the weight of certain burdens many women share on working class women. They may be the most visible face of "baby-mama" situations, but they aren’t the only women who are saddled with taking care of family troubles and situations. Not by far. Is there any man who sees the women you are describing as equals? as wives? as life-long partners? I think so–perhaps men of their class who also aren’t college bound. I think they were and are more than just an exciting diversion for someone/somewhere. I hope in my heart for all women across class lines and all baby mamas across class lines (including myself) that there is a man out there who sees us as equals, worthy of partnership and more than a mere trifle.

          kalamu sez:            

i think you are absolutely right that the viewpoint is disturbing, but what is even more disturbing is that i think the portrait is accurate in terms of that is how men in general view women. on an individual level, i.e. one particular person to another particular person, there can be and there some times is mutual affection and love, but in terms of the general outlook, that is a different reality. those songs that betty both "wrote" and sang came from somewhere. from where do you think they came? "they" being the sentiments expressed in those songs, the situations described by those songs? an accurate snapshot of our social reality is disturbing. our social situation is disturbing, especially when the "our" is the situations and circumstances faced by young, working class women in america today, and, indeed, across the world. in many, many ways the situation has grown more disturbing rather than less disturbing since the sixties. that is why we need a revolution, including a revolution of the mind, which is why i wished for more social awareness. telling the truth is disturbing and creating a better world is revolutionary precisely because we are in a bad position and our condition is no accident but rather the result of specific actions of our oppressors and exploiters combined with our specific reactions and choices. i was not describing what should be or what i wanted things to be but rather describing what was and is a social reality—a disturbing social reality.



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