TRIO ESPERANÇA / “Trio Esperança Mixtape”

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I wish I could give you the full 411 on this inspiring trio but I have not found much in English and my Portuguese is near non-existent. Nevertheless, I can tell you that the trio started as a family group. They are from Rio de Janeiro and began in 1958 featuring siblings Mario, Regina and Evinha Correia. Somewhere over the years, Mario was replaced by Mariza.

Their early records are bubble-gum pop (as in “My Boy Lollipop" sung in Portuguese) almost unbearable for me to listen to other than as an historical reference. But once they were an all female trio and moved their sound away from teenie-bopper pop, the result was instant beauty. The blend of their voices is ethereal. Their harmonies are entrancing. And their overall sound is as rich as fresh whipped cream topped with chocolate slivers.
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What is amazing to me is that they just released a new album that is an absolutely exquisite outing—and in case you are mathematically challenged when it comes to quickly figuring out the years, it’s been fifty-two years since they started as adolescents in their early teens. Their instruments remain as beautiful as ever both in timbre and intonation. They are pitch perfect with phrasings full of dramatic twists and dynamic crescendo and diminuendo.

I have chosen selections from over the years and ended with a handful from the new album, De Bach a Jobim that also includes two Beatles selections. Not many artists retain beautiful voices over a fifty year period, not to mention in this case it’s a trio of voices.
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I have intentionally selected covers of internationally known Brazilian songs for the majority of the playlist. Hopefully, recognizing some of these famous songs will help introduce their sound to ears unaccustomed to the popular music of Brazil. I believe even a quick, casual listen will be rewarding. This music has all the enticing magnetism of a full-bodied naked embrace.

—Kalamu ya Salaam

Trio Esperança Mixtape Playlist



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A Capela do Brasil
01 “Aquarela do Brasil”
02 “Corcovado”
03 “San Vicente (featuring Milton Nascimento)”

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Nosso Mundo
04 “Agua de Beber”
05 “Berimbau”
06 “Manhã de Carnaval”

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07 “A Felicidade”
08 “Samba de Uma Nota Só”
09 “Garota de Ipanema”
10 “Aguas de Março”

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De Bach a Jobim
11 “Caminho da razão”
12 “Penny Lane”
13 “Blackbird”
14 “Desafinado”
15 “Samba do avião”
16 “Uma gota do mar”


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