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I hope people who think God is irrelevant will hear our music and understand He is relevant, He’s real and that He reigns. —Tina Campell Our aim is to put out music with integrity that will last. It's not just music for today. It's music that somebody can put on six or seven years down the line and say, "This is really good!" That's definitely the focus when it comes to our instrumentation, lyrical content, how we sing and everything else. We want to make sure that we put out music that’s simply good—not just good right now. —Erica Campbell
mary mary 05.jpg The sister (Trina and Erica Campbell) duo of Mary Mary is classified as gospel but that’s a misnomer. They are Christian messengers and the sound of their music is as contemporary as most of the top 40 you hear over and over on the radio. In fact some of their beats are harder than your average rapper. Their music comes at you from all directions including hip hop, jazz, pop, club and even some straight up R&B, plus a foundation in traditional gospel (even though they rarely record traditional gospel songs). A big part of their wide-ranging sound is the result of assistance from Erica’s husband and main producer for the group, Warryn Campbell. Their debut album, Thankful (2000), amazed everybody when it not only went platinum but also won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album. The major single “Shackles (Praise You)” became a crossover gospel, R&B and pop hit. mary mary 20.jpg Their current album is the fifth in a continuous string of gold and platinum records. In 2009 (Best Gospel Artist) and 2010 (Outstanding Song “God In Me”) they once and twice again took home Grammys. When you listen to their A Mary Mary Christmas album you hear one of the most adventurous albums of Christmas music that includes an African-oriented “O Come All Ye Faithful” (which the chorus pronounces “fay-ful”, cracking me up with their obvious negroidal enunciations). If only we had more artists who were as creative as Mary Mary. mary mary 12.jpg Mary Mary draws on the whole history of black music in putting together their own sound. Unlike Sounds of Blackness or Kirk Franklin, the two leading purveyors of contemporary gospel music whose choral groups deeply appeal to non-Christian audiences, Mary Mary is a duo. Indeed, one is hard-pressed to name another popular gospel duo who work exclusively as a duo. Mary Mary derives their power not only from stellar voices but also from an intelligent and unflinching wide-ranging harvesting of diverse musical influences to serve their commitment to delivering a message, i.e. the “good news” of gospel music. To coin a rather ambiguous description, this is post-gospel gospel at its finest. —Kalamu ya Salaam Mary Mary Mixtape Playlist mary mary cover 01.jpg I Sings CDM (CD single) 01 “I Sings (Cutfather and Joe Remix)” mary mary cover 02.jpg Thankful 02 “Joy” 03 “Wade In The Water” 04 “Shackles (Praise You)” 05 “Thankful” 06 “Can't Give Up Now” 07 “What A Friend” mary mary cover 03.jpg Incredible 08 “In The Morning” 09 “God Bless” 10 “Little Girl” 11 “Ordinary People” 12 “You Will Know” 13 “Hold On” 14 “Incredible” mary mary cover 04.jpg Mary Mary 15 “Yesterday” 16 “Stand Still” 17 “Speak To Me” 18 “Heaven” mary mary cover 05.jpg A Mary Mary Christmas 19 “Carol Of The Bells” 20 “O Come All Ye Faithful” 21 “Only One” 22 “California Christmas” 23 “Call Him Jesus” mary mary cover 06.jpg The Sound 24 “Seattle” 25 “Boom” 26 “God In Me (Feat. Kierra "Kiki" Sheard)” 27 “I Worship You”

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Q Says:
April 28th, 2010 at 10:34 am

Good Mix. They may perform as a “DUO” but they have quite a few collaborations. ‘God In Me’ being one of them. 🙂

ashley Says:
March 25th, 2012 at 10:32 pm

i love mary mary so much stayin god im in a church to i sing a lot in chuch

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