BUILD AN ARK / Live @ Cargo – London

Build An Ark is a Los Angeles-based music collective heard here performing at Cargo, a London venue, as part of a program put together by Red Bull Music Academy, which regularly brings diverse musicians together to collaborate and perform.

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Build An Ark founder, Carlos Nino, explains the origins of the group and introduces the group members on this particular recording. As Nino notes, Build An Ark is a much larger ensemble than the one on this broadcast.

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One of the major focal points is vocalist Dwight Trible who is an incredibly talented crooner/shouter. In an early life he must have been resident in Sun Ra’s keyboard. He don’t need no words, the man makes songs out of raw sounds thrown sizzlingly hot up out of his throat into the atmosphere.

What I dig most about this set is the seventies spiritual jazz sound that is not imitated but rather is emulated and re-birthed. Sort of like the whole crew stepped into a time traveling vehicle and appeared on stage straight from somewhere circa 1973. This is some uncut levitating shit. The kind of music that sets people to screaming and hollering.

Everybody is "on" it—giving their all—so I don’t really want to start singling out particular musicians but I’ve got to note that trap drummer Tony Austin is absolutely killing and I’m glad he gets to take an extended solo (and what tremendous pounding it is) around the 37-minute mark of the show.

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According to the Red Bull Music Academy website the set list is:

01 “Improvisation”

02 “Celebrate”

03 “A Love Supreme”

04 “How Do We End All This Madness?”

05 “We Have Not Come To Take Prisoners”

06 “Sunflowers In My Garden”

07 “World Peace Now”

08 “Build An Ark”

09 “Improvisation”

10 “You've Gotta Have Freedom”


11 Carlos Nino and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson – “Find A Way” - Stones Throw Records


The musicians are:

Dwight Trible - Vocals

Waberi Jordan - Vocals

Phil Ranelin - Trombone

Tracy Wannomae - Alto Sax, Soprano Sax and Flute

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Fender Rhodes

Nick Rosen - Bass

Tony Austin - Drums

Carlos Nino - Band Leader, Producer, Special Effects


While you are enjoying the music you might also want to check out Red Bull Music Academy Radio. They have a healthy music line-up featuring both concerts and interviews.

—Kalamu ya Salaam



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