BIGGIE / “Biggie Re•Mix/Tape”

MP3 03 Biggie ReMixtape.mp3 (50.12 MB)

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One Response to “BIGGIE / “Biggie Re•Mix/Tape””

Bruthazkeepah Says:
February 16th, 2010 at 9:08 am

Wow… my girl and I just watched the biggie movie on dvd the other night, so the timing of this mixtape is quite funny. Looking forward to givig it a listen.

I probably feel the same about biggie song: unlistenable because content. End up having just a dark feeling after a little while… but I was caught up in the Biggie/2pac hype in my teenage years, which was about the time they were at their prime (as well as east-west so-called beef).

So yeah, wana have a listen. Thanx Kalamu.

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