VARIOUS ARTISTS / “My Funny Valentine Mixtape”

This song has massive staying power. Not only does love never go out of style but in western culture there is also a holiday set aside to celebrate “valentines.” So this week we present a major collection of widely varied interpretations of “My Funny Valentine.”

I guarantee that there are at least one or two—and probably more—tracks that you will just… well, that you will just “love.” The initial cut was twice this long and I just kept cutting down the selections until I had a playlist I thought was both delightful and surprising.

We’ve done a “My Funny Valentine” review before but never this extensive. So, enjoy these 17 versions of “My Funny Valentine.”
funny valentine 01.jpg 
01 “My Funny Valentine / E Taku Tauro” - Whirimako Black Sings
funny valentine 02.jpg 
02 Straight Ahead - Gonzalo Rubalcaba
funny valentine 03.jpg 
03 What's New - Nancy Wilson & The Great Jazz Trio
funny valentine 04.jpg 
04 Hank Jones With The Meridian String Quart
funny valentine 05.jpg 
05 You Got What it Takes - Kevin Mahogany
funny valentine 06.jpg 
06 The Tender Storm - Eddie Harris
funny valentine 07.jpg 
07 Music For Lovers - Dianne Reeves
funny valentine 08.jpg 
08 Emergence - Roy Hargrove Big Band
funny valentine 09.jpg 
09 Taking It To Hart - Ian Shaw
funny valentine 10.jpg 
10 The Long Journey (Ft. Hein Van De Geyn) - Jean-Michel Pilc
funny valentine 11.jpg 
11 In the City of Lights - Sarah Vaughan
funny valentine 12.jpg 
12 Up for It: Live in Juan-Les-Pins - Keith Jarrett
funny valentine 13.jpg 
13 First Instrument - Rachelle Ferrell
funny valentine 14.jpg 
14 The Complete Concert 1964 My Funny Valentine - Miles Davis
funny valentine 15.jpg 
15 I Feel Like Some Jazz Today - Eve Cornelious & the Chip Crawford Trio
funny valentine 16.jpg 
16 Billy Harper Quintet - Leipzig, Germany (not available commercially)
funny valentine 17.jpg 
17 Burning Down the House (DVD) - Etta James and the Roots Band

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2 Responses to “VARIOUS ARTISTS / “My Funny Valentine Mixtape””

lebo Says:
February 8th, 2010 at 6:25 pm

Thanks! I think my fave will always be Rachelle’s rendition. The First Instrument version is great; as is her live Montreux version (except for the ending).

Eugene Says:
February 11th, 2010 at 5:46 am

I’ve just come across your website and about to head off to work listening to the rest of “My Funny Valentine” mixtape.
Great stuff…some fantastic versions here of which I was totally unaware. Thank you for adding to my musical “education”.

Respect & regards,


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