OHIO PLAYERS / “Ohio Players Mixtape”

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Clément Says:
January 5th, 2010 at 5:54 pm

Still a pleasure reading you… I have a question, if you are a guest lecturer and a teacher, and such a good writer… and If you write about music and singing, I mean, this warmth that passes on with human expression … would you consider SPEAKING your articles as podcast or other technology ? I am sure you, like me, appreciate the orality, and going back to the oral traditions… that way I would listen to your post every morning, while stuck in the stupidity of our modern congestion of (no) speed in the (no places of the) freeways. Peace to you, brother. Clément

     kalamu sez:    

yeah, it’s possible but impractical at the moment. in addition to writing, i would need to set up to do a podcast–and for sure i would not want to just give a dry reading, i’d want appropriate music in the background–it would require a whole production mode. i barely have time to get this done.

the technology exists for you to copy/paste the text to your computer and have the computer read it back, record the computer reading and burn to a cd or onto your ipod (or whatever you use). i know that’s another extra step for you but in this case, it’s an extra step i’m not in a position to take.

that said, thanks much for the suggestion and thanks for checking out breath of life.

Ohio Players Lover Says:
February 2nd, 2013 at 1:02 am

I loved the Ohio Players. Growing up to their music was incredible. They were and still are the bomb. Black folk loved those album covers, we did not see it that way. not really. Anyway, don’t hate the players, long live forever more The Ohio Players.

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