VARIOUS ARTISTS / “Spanish Funk Mixtape”

I better take my shoes off before I put my foot in my mouth. I don’t even know enough about this music to properly introduce it to you. On my frequent forays into web-world, I run into a lot of interesting music that I store aside and tell myself I will get to checking out someday. Well, I’ve got some Spanish Funk music that I enjoy, so this week I decided to drop some on you and you can make your own decisions about it. By now damn near everybody knows that rap is a worldwide phenomenon, much like jazz was for most of the 20th century. But as one circumnavigates the globe it seems that funk and soul music are also very popular. So in no particular order here are five funk artists based in Spain. LOS RUMBERS los rumbers 01.jpg DJ Pete Lamotta and DJ/producer/promoter Dr. Guassa are Los Rumbers a music production duo based in Sevilla, Spain, who are beginning to make big noise on the dance club scene. Their focus is to mix contemporary black music with flamenco. Los Rumbers' first full length album is Flamenco Breaks and they are using it as a free download to promote their music. If you like what you hear, go to Los Rumbers website to download the album. EDDINE SAID eddine said 01.jpg Is a singer/songwriter from Barcelona, Spain who is obviously heavy influenced by a variety of Soul singers. His music could easily make it on college radio stations despite our general English-only bias. MALA RODRIGUEZ mala rodriguez 02.jpg Spain’s leading female rapper/vocalist has developed a huge audience in Spain. We featured one of her songs here on BoL. She has three albums and numerous guest appearances, additionally her music has been included in a number of Spanish movies. ARANGU arangu 01.jpg If you thought funk bands had gone out of style, wait until you hear this nine-member outfit out of Barcelona, Spain. The band is two years old and throwing down like grown ass adults. GECKO TURNER gecko turner 01.jpg Fernando Gabriel Echave Pelaez, bka Gecko Turner, is one crazy dude. He’s from the small town of Badajoz, Spain near the border with Portugal. Gecko has been involved in music since childhood but did not decide to dedicate his life to music until after first his mother and then his wife died. Some of his music is pointedly political, all of it is a fusion of pop, jazz, Brazilian, funk, and whatever else catches his ear. I don’t claim that this sampling the best or even the latest funk music coming out of Spain. These sounds are just some gem stones I found on a musical beach and I’m sharing them with you. Hope you dig it. —Kalamu ya Salaam Spanish Funk Mixtape Playlist los rumbers breaks cover.jpg Thes tracks are all from Flamenco Breaks – Los Rumbers 01 “Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao” 02 “Co” 03 “Abstract Wicked Rumba” 04 “The Big Apple” eddine said onirica cover.jpg These tracks are all from Oririca – Eddine Said 05 “Mi tiempo” 06 “Onírica” 07 “Pasión” 08 “Les fonc chugueder” mala rodriguez lujo cover.jpg Except for “Dajame Entr,” these tracks are all from Lujo Ibérico – Mala Rodriguez 09 “Dejame Entr” - Malamarismo 10 “En mi ciudad hace caló” 11 “A jierro” 12 “Con diez o con veinte” arangu cover.jpg These tracks are all from 1.0 - Arangu 13 “Muévela” 14 “Kaleidoscope cha-cha” 15 “Isla desierta” 16 “Mother affection” gecko remixed cover.jpg These tracks are from Manipulado, a remix album of Gecko Turner’s music 17 “Un Limón En La Cabeza (Quantic Mix)” 18 “En La Calle, On The Street (The Dining Rooms Afrojazz Remix)” gecko turner guapapasea cover.jpeg These tracks are from Guapapasea! – Gecko Turner’s first international release as a solo artist 19 “Monka Mongas” 20 “45.000$ (Guapa Pasea)”

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Todd Hartley Says:
January 21st, 2011 at 3:21 pm

I don’t know if you’re still out there, but I did a search for “Spanish Funk Bands” and landed on your site. I would like to add a couple to your list that people can download for free from Papilemon and Nazan Grein.

Nazan Grein is a band from Madrid. Their album “Funky Lights” is old-school ’70’s funk, heavy on the bass and horns.

Papilemon is the real keeper. Their 5-song EP “Cyrilo’s Hell” is one of the best things I’ve ever heard. It’s instrumental groovy acid jazz. It’s a little like Phish and little like Headhunters era Herbie Hancock. You have to hear it.

real madrid Says:
August 31st, 2015 at 2:58 pm

todo los partidos de la liga bbva en vivo y directo.

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