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Zion Train is a UK dub band that was founded in London in 1990. The core line up was DJ/producer Neil Perch, along with Ben Hamilton, Colin Cod and Dave Tench. Vocalist Molara joined them a couple of years later.
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Zion Train became the longest running dub band in the UK and went on to work as a collective not only recording albums, but also starting a record label (Universal Egg), publishing a magazine and even briefly running a music venue. After over ten years and assortment of recordings some of the original members left to pursue other interests. DJ Perch revamped the line up and soldiered on.
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In 2007 with a line up of DJ Perch, trumpeter Dave Hake and trombonist Bigga, plus an amalgamation of invited guests, Zion Train released Live As One which won the Jamaican Reggae Grammy for Best Dub Recording. An album of dub remixes of tracks from Live As One has followed the original.
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Zion Train is internationally acclaimed and represents one of the most popular dub bands of the last two decades. The Zion Train Mixtape is composed mainly of songs from Live As One and Live As One Remixed. The last two tracks are from a performance in Poland.

—Kalamu ya Salaam

Zion Train Mixtape Playlist
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01 “Boxes and Amps” feat Dubdadda - Live As One
02 “What A Situation” feat Raiz - Live As One
03 “What A Situation (De Niro)” - Live as One Remixes
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04 “Forward Ever” feat Lua - Live As One

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05 “Terror Talk (Studio as One)” - Live as One Remixes
06 “Terror Talk (Digital & Lutin)” - Live as One Remixes
07 “Live As One” feat Lua - Live As One
08 “Hibakusha Song” - Live As One
09 “Why” feat Marlene Johnson - Live As One
10 “Why (Alambic Conspiracy)” - Live as One Remixes
11 “Baby Father” feat YT - Live As One
12 “Baby Father (Weeding Dub)” - Live as One Remixes
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13 “Grow Together” - Grow Together
14 “Stand Up And Fight” - Grow Together
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15 “King Of The Sounds And Blues” - Original Sounds Of The Zion
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16 “Beautiful Children” - Original Sounds Of The Zion Remixed

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17 “Track #4” - Live in Woodstock Kostrzyn
18 “Track #7” - Live in Woodstock Kostrzyn


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