THE COMMODORES / “The Commodores Mixtape”

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Tuta Says:
September 14th, 2009 at 7:33 am

Well Baba, as we have talked about before, the main problem we have with the social atmosphere now is that we (black people) are too comfortable.

We don’t have to march for the right to sit at the front of the bus. We don’t have to organize sit ins for the right to be served at the lunch counter. We don’t have to get the National Guard to escort us into all-white schools.

What is there for us to fight for?

We can go to work in cushy ass environments, make more money than most, send our children to elitist (so-called) public schools, drive Toyota Sequoias, and go home to our big house in the suburbs and watch our big flat-screen TVs.

What is there to fight for? We already are living the American Dream. What the hell else could we possibly need?

I’m gon’ stray a little bit here, and make a statement that may not be true, or maybe it is who knows.

Back in the days of the struggle, there were educated people getting fucked over as much as the ignorant and uneducated – thus there was a reason to struggle. The educated/intelligent realized what was going and were smart enough to formulate ideas and ideologies to combat the inequalities and general fuckedupness of the day.

As time has passed, much of (if not most of) what our elders fought for – we have. Now, all of the educated people are comfortable. In general, the only people left suffering – with substandard education, terrible housing conditions, horrible (or lack of) transportation, and shitty medical coverage (well, maybe all of us have that) – are the ignorant/uneducated.

There are but precious few educated, comfortable soldiers that continue to beat the drum for equality and basic HUMAN RIGHTS.

So, I said all that to say – don’t look for the social climate to change anytime soon. We have been poisoned by that slice of American Pie.

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