ALEX HARDING / “Alex Harding Mixtape”

MP3 02 Alex Harding Mixtape.mp3 (65.22 MB)

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David Says:
September 7th, 2009 at 10:54 am

Hey brother I hope all is well. I have been away from the music far too long. I say that I’ve been away because I realize the music is always there, and available; it’s all around us, through every inch of the air. This email came to me at such an appropriate time. I am a photographer and currently working on a show in Houston and needed a muse…and it came through your email. I love Fela always, I think of my parents, particularly my moms when I hear Etta James, and Alex, although I am more than just familiar with jazz, is my first time hearing him. He is driving my imaginations right now.

Thanks brother man!!!

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