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And here, my friends, is the shortest BoL entry I have ever written:


—Kalamu ya Salaam

P.S. We have already written extensively about this music. Go here to read what we wrote back in 2005.

Doug & Jean Carn Mixtape Playlist
doug & jean 01.jpg
All three albums are available from Amazon. Hot links are provided—click, buy & enjoy.



doug & jean infant cover.jpg
01 “Acknowledgement” - Infant Eyes
02 “Dwell Like A Ghost” - Spirit Of The New Land
03 “Contemplation” - Revelation

doug carn new land cover.jpg 
04 “Arise And Shine” - Spirit Of The New Land
05 “God Is One” - Revelation
06 “Feel Free” - Revelation
07 “Welcome” - Infant Eyes
08 “Revelation” - Revelation
09 “My Spirit” - Spirit Of The New Land



doug & jean revelation cover.jpg 

10 “Naima” - Revelation
11 “Infant Eyes” - Infant Eyes
12 “Little B's Poem” - Infant Eyes
13 “Blue In Green” - Spirit Of The New Land
14 “Peace” - Infant Eyes

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Alvin Blakes Says:
August 21st, 2009 at 2:08 pm

I’m a weekly listener. Superd D&J Carn mixtape. My daughter Naima’s name was inspired by Jean Carn’s Naima. Keep inspiring. Also, unleash the Billy Harper mixtape.
Alvin Blakes

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