VARIOUS ARTISTS / “Round Midnight Mixtape”

12 Shades of Midnight
thelonious monk 23.jpg 
One of those near perfect pieces of music, a melody
Whose heartbeat we all can feel, whether
Swinging or contemplative, agitated or
At peace, Monk has achieved a platform that
Supports all our feelings, all our moodinesses

thelonious monk 21.jpg 
Listen to a dozen interpretations—versions that literally
Circle the globe: Argentina, Singapore, Portugal,
Camouroon/France; jazz versions that cover the
Waterfront from the avant-garde of Coltrane (Ravi) &
Pharoah Sanders to the gentle torchlight of Jacintha,
Hard swinging from Marlena Shaw and tenor master
Joe Henderson featured on a Freddie Hubbard recording to
Big band excursions from Gene “Jug” Ammons and from the
GRP All-Star Big Band, on to the innovative flavorings and
Mash-ups proffered by the Gotan Project, Joana Machado,
& Les Nubians. Listen. Listen
Especially to Thelonious, the master
Of the musical monastery that is
His composition. Listen.

thelonious monk 24.jpg 
Here is how we hear ourselves
In the hours when sleep flees but
Staying awake is a pain-filled option, hear
The sound of how we finger our emotional wounds
Worrying the same slender thread until we are either broken,
Freed from self pity or else are totally cocooned
In cords of despair—hear what we do
To ourselves at midnights

thelonious monk 22.jpg 
Get free or go
Under, surrendering pride &
Sometimes even breath at the hour of
Magic and mayhem, or mining the inner
Strength to surge past our psychic cemeteries
And greet the dawn renewed in a vow
To carry on, to ride on, to sing on, to dance

thelonious monk 25.jpg 
Oh the beauty of surviving death
Living to and through the darkness that descends
Round us
Around about

thelonious monk 06.jpg 

—Kalamu ya Salaam

Round Midnight Mixtape Playlist

thelonious monk columbia years cover.jpg 
01 Thelonious Monk - The Columbia Years 1962-1968

gotan project remixes.jpg 
02 Gotan Project (featuring Chet Baker) - Inspiracion - Espiracion

joana machado crude cover.jpg 
03 Joana Machado - Crude

pharoah 03.jpg
04 Pharoah Sanders – concert bootleg Nice, France 1971

chaka khan classickhan cover.jpg 
05 Chaka Khan - Classikhan

grp allstars cover.jpg 
06 GRP All-Star Big Band (featuring Ernie Watts – tenor sax)

marlena shaw live in tokyo cover.jpg 
07 Marlena Shaw - Live In Tokyo

ravi coltrane mad 6 cover.jpg 
08 Ravi Coltrane - Mad 6

freddie hubbard friday keystone cover.jpg 
09 Freddie Hubbard (featuring Joe Henderson) - Keystone Bop Vol 2.

jacintha her name cover.jpg 
10 Jacintha - Jacintha Is Her Name

gene ammons brasswind cover.jpg 
11 Gene Ammons - Brasswind

les nubians revisite cover.jpg 
12 Les Nubians - Saint-Germain-Des-Prés Revisité

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2 Responses to “VARIOUS ARTISTS / “Round Midnight Mixtape””

Sue Ross Says:
July 27th, 2009 at 7:50 am

Round Midnight is one of my all-time favorite songs. You made me pull out my own mix-tape – luckily I still have a cassette player in my car!

My tape features:
on Side 1: Thelonius Monk (1947); Miles Davis & John Coltrane (1956;) Ella Fitzgerald & Count Basie Band (Montreux 1979); Charlie Bird Parker & Dizzy Gillespie (1951); Herbie Hancock & Wynton Marsalis (1982); Sarah Vaughan (Live in japan); Giants of Jazz- Art Blakey, Dizzy, Monk (1972); Mary Lou Williams (1953); Max Roach (1981)
on side 2: Kenny Burrell (1980); Nancy Wilson, Chick Corea, Joe Henderson (1982); Bird & Bud Powell (1950); Betty Carter (1995); Stanley Jordan solo (1985); Dexter Gordon & Woody Shaw (1976) and a reprise of Monk (1947).

I love Monk and adore this song – the moodiness, the mystery, the promise…

There are many other versions we could include. I hope other listeners will recommend their own favorite versions.

Stephanie Renee Says:
July 28th, 2009 at 8:17 am

Another version of this song that I adore is the jazzy pop sound of New York Voice. Manhattan Transfer they ain’t, but the arrangement in the breakdown is awesome.

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