COMMON / “A Real Common Mixtape”

common 26.jpg What had happened was, I was going to feature Indigo Jam Unit, a Japanese club jazz band. They have this Japanese-released album called re:common. It’s basically club jazz remixes of Common songs. But there are only seven cuts on the release, not enough to actually make a good mixtape and I didn’t want to put the whole album up. common 23.jpg Then I remembered I had some other remixes of Common material, so I gathered together a handful that I really like and put them with the Indigo Jam Unit tracks and voila, here’s a mixtape of Common remixes. Enjoy! —Kalamu ya Salaam A Real Common Mixtape Playlist common 18.jpg 01 “Reminding Me (Of Self)” - The Roots Remix - Cool Common Collected Bootleg 02 “Go! (Jazzanova remix main)” – featuring Joy Denalane 03 “Geto Heaven (The Sound Of Illadelphia)” - featuring Macy Gray - Cool Common Collected Bootleg Common 04 “I Used To Love H.E.R. (Look Of Love remix)” - Statik Selektah And Q-Tip featuring J Dilla 05 “I Used To Love H.E.R.” - re: common - Indigo Jam Unit common 29.jpg 06 “Come Close Pt. 2” - Uncommon (Presented By Mick Boogie) 07 “Come Close” - re: common - Indigo Jam Unit 08 “Come Close Pt. 3 (MB Mix)” - Uncommon (Presented By Mick Boogie) 09 “The Light (Original & Remix)” - Statik Selektah And Q-Tip 10 “The Light” - re: common - Indigo Jam Unit 11 “The Light (Remix)” - Devil's Pie: Erykah vs. Jill Live Mix | Part 1 – DJ Phatrick common 20.jpg 12 “Be (instrumental)” - re: common - Indigo Jam Unit

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Q Says:
June 8th, 2009 at 9:52 am

Something about “A Real Common Mixtape” reads like a Real Common MISTAKE, LOL! The Jazz mixes are cool. Who’d a thought that Common’s body of work (outside of his work with Roy Hargrove and Omar Lye-Fook) had some Jazz depth.

As an artist, I like about 50% of his work. It is not that his lyrics aren’t positive, for some reason, above the “groove” the subject matter isn’t compelling.

Q Says:
June 8th, 2009 at 10:51 am

Indigo Jam is hot, have they done any other remixes? — I wonder if Common could’ve enjoyed more commercial widespread success with them. “Come Close” is THE BEST and unlike anything I’ve ever heard! It almost sounds like it could’ve been live — multilayered musically, instrumentally, vocally, etc. You should do an article on them.
26:54 – 33:09 (since I can’t rewind the track LOL!)

“I Used To Love H.E.R.” is a good second.

On a non Indigo Jam scale “I Used To Love H.E.R. (Look Of Love remix)” – Statik Selektah And Q-Tip featuring J Dilla is pretty good too.

On a technical note, as much I “enjoy” the mixtapes, this case proved somewhat difficult in distinguishing some of the tracks. You guys used to put time signatures. I think that helps because while you both know the tracks, us novice listeners may not know them. In this case track 10 contains the original and a remix, but it had me listening hard trying to find the beginning/end of the tracks.

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