VARIOUS ARTISTS / “Little Sunflower”

On December 29, 2009 trumpeter Freddie Hubbard made his transition. Joining his long gone buddy Lee Morgan, their mutual mentor Dizzy Gillespie and their immediate precursor Clifford Brown in an out of sight, spiritual trumpet section where-so-ever they be blowing.
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Known for the style and swagger of his blazing trumpet solos but also known for the beauty of his flugelhorn work on down-tempo selections, Freddie Hubbard gave the jazz world a handful of perennial standards, chief among them is “Little Sunflower.” The song has a gorgeous melody with a lilting roll that is irresistible.

We present six versions including the most popular version, which was recorded under the leadership of Milt Jackson.

Milt spent so many years in the Modern Jazz Quartet that most people never heard him outside of the strictures of the tightly arranged MJQ format. Jackson’s 1973 CTI album with the beautiful cover photograph by Pete Turner was undoubtedly his most popular recording outside the MJQ format, due in no small part to the magnificence of the band members: Herbie Hancock on keys, Ron Carter on bass, Billy Cobham on drums, Ralph MacDonald on percussion, and Don Sebesky strings & horns arranger.

Two of the six selections are under the leadership of women, pianist Claudia Burson and Dorothy Ashby. In any selection of jazz tunes women are usually under-represented. Take note that Dorothy Ashby not only plays harp in a beautiful, albeit short, rendition, Ms. Ashby is from Detroit. The significance of Detroit is that Alice Coltrane is also from Detroit. Dorothy Ashby and Alice Coltrane are the two major jazz harpists.

This line-up offers us a good chance to compare and contrast vocalist Dwight Tribble, Al Jarreau and Leon Thomas—talk about a delightful dilemma choosing which we like best.

Finally, we also get a chance to listen to the composer, Freddie Hubbard, blow in two different contexts. We hear Hubbard first on Milt Jackson popular recording and second on Hubbard’s own 1979 Love Connection recording.


—Kalamu ya Salaam

Little Sunflower Mixtape Playlist

milt jackson sunflower cover.jpg 
01 Sunflower - Milt Jackson

dwight tribble sunflower cover.jpg 
02 Regal Covers (Live), Vol. 1 - Dwight Trible

claudia burson foolish heart cover.jpg 
03 My Foolish Heart - Claudia Burson

freddie hubbard love connection cover.jpg 
04 The Love Connection - Freddie Hubbard

dorothy ashby afro cover.jpg 
05 Afro Harping - Dorothy Ashby

leon thomas precious energy cover.jpg 
06 Precious Energy - Leon Thomas & Gary Bartz

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Jason Parker Says:
June 14th, 2009 at 2:08 am

Fantastic! One of my favorite songs to play, but I hadn’t heard a couple of these renditions.

Thanks once again for your insight and for turning me on to something new!

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