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It’s like this: Charles Earland came up with a vital sound and here we have two other versions. I can tell you a little about Earland’s version, just a little bit about Mark de Clive-Lowe’s version, and near nothing about the Yam Who version. But you know ignorance has never stopped a negro from doing his thing.

So, here is this here little mixtape. Three versions of a good song about moving on to another plane, i.e. “Leaving This Planet.”
charles earland planet cover.jpg 
So let’s see the original was an album of the same name that featured Charles Earland on organ, Freddie Hubbard and Eddie Henderson on trumpet, Joe Henderson on tenor sax, and Harvey Mason on drums. The hip, hip music on Leaving this Planet speaks eloquently for itself.
mark de clive-lowe 03.jpg 
The Clive cut is from a amateur video of a performance in Tokyo and that’s Clive on keys and sampler, Richard Spaven on drums and Sharlene Hector, Bembe Segue and Cherie Mathieson on vocals. It’s a phenomenal performance—sorry that the audio is not of a higher quality.

Finally, there is the duo in England that does a bunch of non-official remixes. A lot of their work is issued on what they call “White Labels.” No name, no blame. Getting a hold of these recordings is a hit and miss affair. But damn these cats are good at hooking stuff up, indeed, they are beyond good, way beyond. I don’t have any further info on this cut. Hell, I don’t even remember where I found it.

Consider this one a gift from the cosmos.

Peace. Enjoy.

—Kalamu ya Salaam

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