TOUMANI DIABATE / “Toumani Flamenco Mixtape”

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Chris "DEF" Defendorf Says:
March 3rd, 2009 at 7:48 pm

I just want to say thank you . I have very fond memories of an old girlfriend who worked at a Border’s bookstore and exchanged my copy of Songhai 2 when the light green jewel case got scratched. I have been thinking of this album for the last few days and working on my relationship to the Sacred feminine, the Goddess, She “who hears the cries of the world”.

After I saw this on the mobile web browser, I yelled out “It’s a miracle!” and then after a minute of silence, told her the whole story about this woman (named Jasper) and my fine memories and how I’ve been thinking of this.

Such a great work to see on Breath of Life … I complement you on being so sensitive. I have also recently come across your work in some of my woman’s books.

Beautiful and such a blessing to be able to share fine memories of very fine nights, and then to play a rendition of “Pozo del Dezeo” for h.e.r. (Audrey).

One love and everything from my heart to yours.
This goes out to you… and you … and you!

This makes my move to Bed Stuy all the more wonderful.

Dan Simon Says:
March 6th, 2009 at 7:15 pm

wow…I really like the sound of the kora. After listening, this statement rings true:
He can make his instrument work with any style of music that exists.

on the track “vente pa madrid” … a fusion of sounds. besides the main sound I can hear a european thing in the way some of the chords move. Also…a cuban thing in some of the rhythms.

…and then “africa” comes on. very different (and beautiful too). I think this one is further removed from european influence (maybe not totally removed? especially when the guitar starts strumming and vocals are there) BUT, some of those notes can only be approximated on a piano (its not a western tuning).

I like these sounds a lot.

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