RIM BANNA / “Voice of Palestine Mixtape”

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Etrangere Says:
March 7th, 2009 at 9:04 pm

I’m always very happy to listen to the songs uploaded by Breath of Life. Your written introduction is moving and thoughtful, and now I’m listening to the song and it’s also gorgeous and moving, and makes me want to talk as well: My mother was born in 1949. She was born in Setif, Algeria. She is Jewish. She does not live in Algeria anymore. Sometimes she talks to me about her childhood memory, and find them very moving. I wish i could see this country of my mother. Neither I, nor she can. My mother now lives in France, like I do. But her sister and her brother, they live in Israel now. Are they European Jews? They’re not the only Mizrahi and Sephardic Jews who come fromArabo-Muslim world who now live in Israel. You’re absolutely right that there’s a lot of colonisation issues in the current conflict bewteen Israel and Palestinians (and there is a lot, too, in what happened to the Algerian Jews, and why they don’t live in Algeria anymore). But that’s not all there is. The holocaust didn’t happen in the Middle east, you’re right. But things did happen in the Middle east. Jews were treated as dhimmis in the Middle East. Jews were ghettoised, sometimes murdered without right to see justice, sometimes even slaughtered. Most of your post I loved and found their words moving, and I’m loving Rim Banna’s music which I am listening to, right now, I thank you for giving me the chance to listening to her; but I felt a little bit like you misrepresented those facts and the identity of my mother and her family; so I felt compelled to comment. I hope I am not offending by doing so. To end on something more musical, have you ever heard of Reinette L’Oranaise?


        kalamu sez            

thank you very much for your contribution to the conversation. everyone’s story is important. each story is an authentic part of the social reality. thank you also for adding another part to the complicated picture of the Jewish search for identity and the question of statehood. There are no easy answers but certainly listening to each other is part of the process of finding an answer.

i have not heard Reinette L’Oranaise but will check out her music. Thanks for the tip.

houariB Says:
March 20th, 2010 at 7:55 am


As an Algerian born man i want to add comment to your post but before to respond to the comment from l’etrangere.
Algerian jews were not expelled because they were jews, they lived Algeria because they identified themselves as french.
Colonialism rule always with “divide to reign” .
Algerians jews like Myriam ben lived in Algeria as Algerian all her life and was member of the ONM (moudjahideen national organisation) (the ancient freedom fighter organization).
The great lawer and freedom activist for Algeria & south africa and palestine, Nicole dreyfus (related to the famous officer Dreyfus) who past away a few weeks ago was honor citizen of Algeria. Henri Alleg too.
The central place of Algeria is named after the martyr Maurice Audin a communist jew .
About Africa I want to remind you that Algeria was called mecca of revolutionnaries by Amilcar Cabral because Algeria support african freedom fighters. Algeria in 1975 in the same time invite Yasser Arafat the leader of the palestinians in UN and leads the thirld word countries to expell the apartheid south africa out UN against US ,Europe and Israel.
I want to share with you the song Ifrikia (africa) sang by Myriam Makeba (she received the honor citizenship by the president Houari Boumediene himself in 1969).
This song is in Arabic of course 🙂

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