LABELLE / “Dear Rosa”

Thirty years ago the women of Labelle were in their thirties. Thirty-some years after breaking up in 1976, Labelle has a new album. Most people in their sixties aren’t can’t make music like this. What do I mean by “this”? labelle 02.jpg “This” album is a Labelle album with all the old trademark elements intact: hard, hard singing; socially relevant material (“Dear Rosa” “Tears for The World,” “How Long,” “The Truth Will Set You Free”); hard luck love songs (“Without You”); and a couple of dance floor rave ups (“Roll Out,” “You Make Me Feel”). No, their voices are not as supple as they used to be but they still got it. Indeed, has any recent “girl group” come out with an album this strong? I don’t think so. labelle 01.jpg These women don’t sound like senior citizens in their sixties. The harmonies don’t sound dated by the passing of three decades. Moreover, the Wyclef produced "Roll Out" notwithstanding, they also don’t sound like they’re trying to be hip hop artists. Anybody that loved the old Labelle is going to love the new Labelle. This aptly titled album is happening right now. Back To Now is Labelle. Right now. Give thanks. —Kalamu ya Salaam

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