THE COUP / “Me And Jesus The Pimp In A ’79 Granada Last Night”

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2 Responses to “THE COUP / “Me And Jesus The Pimp In A ’79 Granada Last Night””

Qawi Says:
February 20th, 2008 at 4:27 pm

Thanks for the video link. Yesterday I wrote a response to Kalamu but the word code timed out on me and I lost my submission. The link proves that while the track is good (musically), the video is lame.

Pathos is defined as the quality or power in an actual life experience or in literature, music, speech, or other forms of expression, of evoking a feeling of pity or compassion. After hearing "Me and Jesus…" pity is an understatement.

Cars and Shoes was entertaining…reminiscent of Easy-E, but as a whole, I’ll pass on Coup. And to think, Mtume was blasting us last week on how Blue Scholars was mundane. Coup is no better. Though I give them credit for bridging the gap between Bone Thugs and Harmony and Outkast with their material.

        Mtume says        

That video was a really bad idea.

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