PATTI AUSTIN / “Calling You”

MP3 19 Calling You (Austin).mp3 (6.50 MB)

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Qawi Says:
November 21st, 2007 at 4:14 pm


This was an interesting pick. Interesting in the sense that the lyrics of the song don’t really resonate with me. Still, listening to the pure vocal qualities of Ms. Steele made me anticipate what, if anything could be covered with this song. As the sequence in the BOL Jukebox is a TRUE BIAS 🙂 , hearing Etta afterwards was like a smack in the ear drum. It’s almost like listening to Stephanie Mills followed by Michelle NdegeOcello. The vocal styles and range are almost extreme, yet feminine. What’s up with the trombone and phone conversation at the end. Etta calling her son by mistake was…well hilarious!

Ms. Goodman’s version has the longing, but it doesn’t resonate with me the same way the previous ones did. It’s almost too sensual…to Minnie Riperton. But yet, remember I’m still not crazy about the lyrics.

The Imani and Patti Austin versions are true COVERs, not an interpolations. However, in the Imani version’s case, the instrumentation can put you in a different mood than the previous ones. No disrespect to Imani, but this is what I’d call the Nancy Wilson version. Had I heard this one first, it would’ve spoiled everything. Once again, the sequence of the Jukebox is important. 🙂 Patti Austin of course adds her vocal strength to the cover and nails each note in her own special way. Thanks for the exposure once again.

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