CHOCOLATE MILK / “Action Speaks Louder Than Words”

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Qawi Says:
September 24th, 2007 at 10:59 am

Thanks for this "period" music. Honestly, while your description was essentially New Orleans, I can’t say I hear New Orleans in this music. It is good music. It could easily be EWF, Ohio Players, or the Whispers (if I were to stretch). Prior to my visit to New Orleans, I was caught up in the musical stereotype of Dixeland Jazz, etc. While I heard my share of Zydeco, I knew that there was something different available. (I checked out TBC Brass Band on Bourbon Street and was not disappointed…but I digress)

Much like many cities on the East Coast, there is diversity in music throughout the city. Funk isn’t a Philly, Ohio, Georgia, Nashville, or need I say Detriot thing. As music travels so do the authentic sounds. They get cross pollinated with regional music and gain a greater acceptance. Which is why Chocolate Milk (the band) doesn’t surprise me as something coming from New Orleans. Though I can still hear the traditional horns in the song ‘Aint Nothing But a Thing’, this is FUNK and period music. I’m surprised ‘Actions Speak Louder than words’ hasn’t been sampled by HipHop yet.

          Mtume says:         

You make some good points, Qawi. It’s true that nothing about Chocolate Milk’s sound makes them quintessentially New Orleans. It’s just a personal thing for me, I guess. It’s like if I caught a wiff of my Mom’s cooking or saw a particular picture or something that took me back. One reason the reaction is instant for me is because Chocolate Milk almost never gets played anywhere except New Orleans. So even though — as you pointed out — they sound a lot like other Seventies funk bands, they don’t get the nationwide airplay of EWF or the Ohio Players or Cameo or whoever else. The only way you’ll ever hear them on the radio is if you’re in New Orleans, and so, the moment one of their songs start, something in me feels like I’m back at home.

RobinD Says:
November 9th, 2007 at 4:27 pm

I was just happy to see images of New Orleans, my home on, TV at all…

Mis it badly..


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