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2 Responses to “BOOGIE DOWN PRODUCTIONS / “My Philosophy””

hamadi Says:
August 12th, 2007 at 12:04 pm

I was happy Gza was included, and especially that song. His entire second lp, Beneath the Surface, was not a record that moved me.

I’m posting about that line you cite, which I had overlooked, like most of the verses on that record which had no appealing music. When Gza notes unskilled ice skaters are doing figure 8s on thin ice,twice, he means that they have carved too deep in the surface, implying they will drown in the “manmade” lake of another cold industry(more than another way of sugnfying a 16 bar verse). The joy of being able to visualize rappers thrashing in icy water until they die (wearing ice skates no less) is one of the dopest things a rapper, or poet can do: say just enough to create an idea in the audiences’ mind. Gza didn’t have to say “mc’s lungs fill with chlorine slushee, hands reaching up to god slowly descend to a cold hell” – I thought of that.

Nas always had those kindc of mc powers. ‘The World is Yours’ was the first song I heard by him and is still my favorite.
his couplets ‘sample’ snatches of memory. he oscillates between describing what’s right before his eyes, what that reminds him of from his past, declarations artfully filtered through metaphor. The result, thanks in part to pete rock’s pian, drums, horn, is a moody piece that is both hopeful and desperate.” Maybe this song contains the same dynamics people find vital in good 2pac. Well-worded writing that seems emotionally honest by men who are neither good or bad. “check the chipped-tooth smile/plus I profile wild”

black art in full effect

Tuta Says:
August 15th, 2007 at 10:39 am

I’m sitting here at work bopping to “My Philosophy”, and it is amazing to think that this song is *TWENTY YEARS OLD*, but it really hasn’t aged. Pretty much everything KRS-1 said is relevant today, and to me the beat also can easily hold it’s own against current beats. This is definitely one of the best rap songs ever.

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