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2 Responses to “SARA TAVARES/ “Guisa””

Kayvon Says:
June 20th, 2007 at 7:13 am

Have to disagree on the Angie Stone track, that’s not a well produced remix, someone’s just wacked the orig Angie Stone vocal over Les Nuits by Nightmares on Wax (with extra Pharcyde/Quincy added in). The vocals aren’t even in sync with the beats.

Maybe it’s because i’m familiar with all the tracks that make it up. It’d work as a live mix but not a studio redub.

       Mtume says:      

Kayvon’s right. It’s actually not a remix – it’s a mashup. Check out the original post for details about the tracks used. And he’s right that the vocals go in and out of sync. For me, it just adds to the off-the-wall appeal of the song. It’s strange, but I like it.

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