TERRY CALLIER / “What Colour Is Love”

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John Axsom Says:
May 13th, 2007 at 9:18 pm

I remmember listening to Terry when I was in high school, back in 1970. The what color is love album was one of my favorites. I am so thankful now to beable to find that his music is available becuase it is so rich, and pure.
Thanks to you for putting him out there so others can get hip to him.
If you havn’t listened to him do yourself a favor and check out his work I guarantee you will be pleased.

Brian Batie Says:
September 4th, 2009 at 8:00 am

In Detroit, circa 1970, Mr Callier was one of the “landmarks” of the Jazz station, WCHD nee WJZZ.

I grew up with “Golden Circle”, “Ordinary Joe”, “What Color Is Love”, these songs were trusted friends to calm a stormy day.

It was strange, in the naivete of my youth, I thought everyone knew of this man, it was a bit of a culture shock to leave Detroit, to find that this artist was barely known outside the Detroit-Chicago area.
I played the vinyls for people in LA, and they flipped. I was offerred decent money to sell the vinyls, but refused. I did make cassettes as Christmas presents to a couple people who used to come regularly to my place just to hear the songs.

Now I live in Asia, and I wish I had these songs to blow even more minds. Maybe some day I’ll trust the Internet enough to send money via, but not yet.

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