ANN PEEBLES / “I’m So Thankful”

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Big E Says:
April 8th, 2007 at 9:52 pm

I like that paragraph Kalamu describes about Ann Peeples remaining a working class Southern Black woman. Brings to mind of the early recordings of Stax Records Johnnie Taylor (It just don’t pay to get up in the morning?) The working man’s singer Johnnie Taylor!!!

Paul Brown BMI Says:
February 22nd, 2008 at 10:36 am

hey my friends.

I know this post is later than the dark side of the moon and i hope you even get an email alert that this message posted. But I really wanted to say thanks and how super glad it makes me that you dig the album as much as you do.

i can’t even tell you just how much of a labor of love making this music come to life was.

i can tell you that at the time i started working on the concept of the new arrangements it was a tough few months.

i’d just finished up blues legend Bobby Rush’s album undercover lover and was about to start on a second when i was bought out by some investors who wanted me in on a partnership to arrange/score tunes for soundtracks.

the deal went south, the investors turned out to be alchoholics and the scratch ran out right in mid stream leaving me with some major mounting bills & two half finished tracks which is where Chase These Blues Away was born. (Oh’ just so you know, CTBA was not a re-make but a new tune I wrote w/ one of Kid Rock’s Background singers Stacy Michelle)

Anyway I finished the two tracks and was about to take a tour offer w a female blues artist just to re-group my finances when the notion of the concept for this album and a tour kicked me in my ass.

Here Ann, and Don and I were all living under the same roof at the time surrounded by a plether of potential and here i was about to pull a dorthy and and leave the best backyard one could hope for to join a half baked tour.

So I met w/ Ann.. alot, checked her into the gym with me 5 days a week and got her voice back in top shape.

Took out a loan t cover the band for a mountain of arrangement rehersals and booked the live session at a local radio station in Mphs (Soul Classics 103.5) We tracked the record in the conference room in front of about 30 people -i still can’t believe i got as much isolation as i did – yeaa for in-ear monitors!

Unfortunately PR budgets were lite and EU Promoters were too reluctent to take a gamble on what we felt like ann was worth so both the album and the EU tour sort of fell apart on us.

2008 may hold some other release opps here in the US so we’ll see.

If you guys let me know you got this I’ll have to share the story of how I hooked ann up w/ Track records and Deborah Bonham. Really interesting story.

Until then – Thanks again for the words!


paul brown

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