BOBBY CALDWELL / “Open Your Eyes”

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Ekere Says:
December 4th, 2006 at 3:02 pm


“What You Won’t Do For Love” has been one of my jams for a long minute.

Word? Y’all sure this isn’t that CC and C Music facotry, Milli Vanilli type stuff? 🙂

Just joking.

Big up to Bobby Caldwell.

one love,

johnson Says:
May 15th, 2008 at 1:45 am

i think ya’ll are all craazie! why can’t a good song just be – just a “good song”? Who gives a crap if the voice is of nubian or caucasian descent? Honestly, I love this song, it has always been one of my favorite songs and an anthem from my party/diskoteque years – going back to when I migrated my interests from Heavy Metal to more fawnky stuff: what you people seem to like to call “black music”. By the way, I tend to reference different genres of music by the traditional standards. In other words, Mr. Caldwell and Mr. DeVaughan can both be put in the R&B/Soul bucket – btw – I am so sorry that it is a big deal what color of skin they both have. I am .25 nubian but I look white as milk, or cracker – whatever you want to be calling me. Anywayz, I think that we should all just listen, enjoy, each some extemely expensive french cheese with expensive wine (fo da white boies) and some fried chicken and grape so’daah (fa da “black fouke”).

Finally, I feel a wee bit disgriminated against – that you “black” or “white” people even give a sh%$ what the f*## color Bobby Caldwell is.

— OK – enough being pissed. HERE IS ADVICE THAT YOU WILL LIKE!!!! — Check out Victor Wooten: 8-time Bass Player of the Year Award winner.. he does bass instrumental cover of “What you Won’t Do For Love”

Later Dayz and Better Layz

sumguy Says:
August 1st, 2011 at 1:24 am

look up ebrahim’s cover of open your eyes on youtube. his channel’s called eebsofresh and the video’s called “iHeartBobby.” Believe me when i say this guy has an amazing voice.

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