ALBERT KING / “Get Out My Life, Woman”

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Erik Says:
November 19th, 2009 at 8:25 am

Since I met Chuck Badie and June Gardner in the mid to late 8ties in the now defunkt legendary Oldtime-Jazz-Pub “Limmatquai 82” in Zürich with a Barbarin-Sibling as Leader, I know throu Junes confirmation, that Cliff White was right about him being the Drummer on the Original.
June could read and Naomi had written out the whole rhythm arrangement for the Song.
As much as i realy like the laidback cooking on this most underrated Albert King Album.
The crescending fervor in which Lee Dorsey tells her to go makes it clear that actually he wants her back.
It is a real “16” feeling. Anger, Sadness, longing and Desperation. One on Single-Side.

Defenitivey one of the greatest Pop-Songs and my most beloved Funk-Groove (okay there are some by Blood Ulmer, Prime Time, Shannon, J.B’s and Sly as strongly admired but not more.)

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