RAY CHARLES / “Georgia On My Mind”

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Qawi Robinson Says:
October 16th, 2006 at 12:40 pm

Thanks for the discovery guys…Who’d thunk that there would be a Ray Charles Mix-Tape out there. Hmmm….Jazz borrowing from Hip-Hop, wonders never cease. With that, I’ve listened to both versions and I say that the original swings harder. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you why. It just feels different. I’m not saying that because I’m a purist or remember when Ray recorded the original (I’m closer to Mtume’s age then Kalamu), but there is something to say about the original. Ray pretty much anticipated and knew the sound and movements of His band. Although, there is a beautiful blending and execution of Count Basie’s band, you can’t help but wonder if that interaction was missing. Could Ray had really recorded with Count Basie’s band? Probably, but it may not have sounded like this. See the best part of an ensemble or band is the interaction between one another. True, it is a far cry from Karaoke, but the fact of knowing sorta sours this performance in my ears. Could an average listener tell the difference…No! But an average listener doesn’t read the liner notes or do the research either. 🙂 As far as the other songs…Ray is Ray. I particularly like How Long Has This Been Going On.

          kalamu sez         

i hear you! an interesting note is this: i too like "how long has this been going on," but there is a live version from a release which i have never been able to find that i think is superior for precisely the reasons you state, i.e. the interaction between the musicians which you don’t get with the digital mixes. the version i really like is on "ray charles in japan." i would have put it in the jukebox but i couldn’t find the box set (don’t ask, it’s a long katrina story… i still don’t have access to all of my music collection) that has two or three cuts from the japan release.

thanks for your comment. and it’s worth repeating: interaction between musicians is one of the major aspects of jazz.

finally, just as a trivia note: on "the genius of ray charles" when ray recorded with members of the early sixties basie band, he undoubtedly recorded with more band members who actually played with basie than on the new release with the current basie band, which may have only a handful of members who actually worked and recorded with count basie even though in this case ray was recording with the "full" band rather than with some of the band.


Music man Says:
November 4th, 2006 at 5:08 pm

I actually prefer Ray’s vocals on the new recording. Georgia and Oh’ What a Beautiful Morning are much more developed and intersting than the original studio versions. I am a huge collector of Ray Charles and I think this is by far the best sounding recording I’ve ever heard of Ray’s.
As for Ray and the band interacting. Virtually all modern recording is done by way of overdub with many takes “comped” together to acheive the final performance. Ray’s vocals were reactions to his band and Basie’s band was reacting to Ray. Respectfully, this is a case of not seeing the forest for the trees. This is among Ray’s best recordings. 50 years from now, when people will have long forgotten how the record was made, they will listen and enjoy a great piece of art…

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